Bangladeshi Wedding : Bridal Photography with Clothing, Makeup, Jewelry & Mehndi


Bangladeshi Wedding:

Wedding is the most important event in our life, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. In Bangladeshi bride-groom expect to make many changes to their life after getting married, the most difficult being moving out of her parents’ home and moving in with her new in-laws. Despite any hardships that come with marriage, though, most girls grow up dreaming about the big day when they will marry their prince.

Bangladeshi wedding is comprised of multiple rituals and ceremonies. Before the wedding, there is an engagement ceremony. This is followed by a Holud, or turmeric ceremony, in which the bride’s family gathers to eat and apply turmeric paste and henna to the bride-to-be. The bride also attends a Mehendi or henna decoration ceremony before finally having her wedding. Some weddings have an additional reception put on by the groom’s family. A traditional Bangladeshi wedding takes months of preparation, and immense attention is paid to the details of the bride’s clothing, makeup, and jewelry.

Before a woman gets married she usually does a lot research into what to wear on her wedding day. This gallery will help soon-to-be brides & grooms decide if they will clothe and how they can best complement red wedding garments with jewelry and makeup.


Bangladeshi brides look absolutely stunning in red bridal sarees. One popular trend right now is the bridal katan, which is a very traditional wedding saree. Katan sarees have a silky base with gold or silver zari work all over the saree. Many brides nowadays are going for heavy bridal lehengas for their weddings. A lehenga is a three-piece garment consisting of an elaborately designed skirt, a blouse, and a beautifully decorated duppatta (a big piece of cloth that drapes over the head like a veil).

Lehenga skirts come in different shapes, such as a-line, fish-tail or mermaid cut, or voluminous full skirts. A lehenga blouse can be just short enough to cover the bosom, long enough not to show any midriff, and some can almost reach the knees.

In case of the bridegroom the preferable wedding wear in Bangladesh is Kurta-payjama or traditional Bangladeshi sharwany, shirt, pent, coat, Panjabi etc. In Hindu culture it turns into dhuti-panjabi or sharwany. The bridegroom in both culture wear a common hat known as topor.

Bridal Attire, Makeup, and Jewelry

 From the bridal photography above, it is evident that brides like to wear red lipstick to match their red clothes. Bridal makeup in Bangladesh is very elaborate. Brides often sport sweeping false lashes on beautifully painted eyes. There are many beauty parlors in Bangladesh that do bridal makeup, but brides trust only a few top-rated beauticians to do their makeup on their special day.

In Bangladesh, brides wear a lot of gold jewelry on their wedding day to complement their ornate wedding attire. Brides often wear multiple heavy gold necklaces, big earrings, head jewelry, and lots of gold bangles. Beautiful gold jewelry is given as a gift to the bride by her family and the groom’s family. Many family heirlooms are passed on to brides on their wedding day. It’s also important for brides to have beautifully done hair and makeup. These images highlight the intricate hairstyles and impeccable makeup favored by Bangladeshi brides.

Bridegroom can wear stylish wrist watch.

Bridal Mehndi

A bridal looks incomplete without mehndi because it is an old tradition of almost every asian country. It provide uniqueness to the beauty of a bride which attracts other towards her. There are many types of mehndi but three of them are very popular which include  Arabic, Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs. The other name of this beauty product is henna and this name is usually called in USA and UK. Every girl wants to look very beautiful and awesome on her wedding day. In order to complete her that wish it plays an important role.


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