All Roads lead to an Icon Bengali actress Indrani Halder


Style like all other art forms is limited only by the imagination. From the subdued to the outrageous, there is never an end to what is conceivable. For some it is too difficult to master, for others it seems as effortless as putting on something that fits well.The common misconception is that not everyone can look stylish or look good.The wrong hat or shoe worn with classy suit can make the whole combination look disastrous, similarly a great shoe worn with an average getup can sometimes work well too.There are infinite possibilities so there are infinite good and bad looks.

The easiest way to be sure that you lean towards the former is by choosing and emulating your style icon. A style icon may be your favorite singer, actress, model, leaders of countries or even someone a lot closer to you. It may be a member of your family or a friend. Simply put, it is someone who presents themselves to others in a way they want to. They are influences, trend setters, they push boundaries and set new ones. They inspire others by being themselves. Each of them have their signature look, a style that they call their own. You must find something that reflects your personality. Imagine you are the canvas and the clothes are your paint and brush. Now start to imagine and put down what you feel. A mirror does not lie, stand in front of it and you will see what others will see. Now imagine what your style icon looks like.Does your style represent you as much as your icon’s style represents him or her?

Highlight your best feature, make sure everyone is focused where you want them to. Those who are fashionable know this and use this to their advantage. Your fashion choices have to compliment or exaggerate your best feature(s). Your eyes, your lips, your smile, etc. these are what often express the uniqueness about you and holds the key to finding your style identity.

The noted Bengali actress Indrani Halder, winner of the best actress award at the Madrid International Film Festival 2008 for ‘Jara Bristite Bhijechhilo’, is a style icon that many look up to. She carries herself with utmost grace and it is reflected in her overall style. She is definitely someone the young generation wants to emulate. Her beautiful long hair and her impeccable taste in accessories and clothes captivates young girls who aspire to be like her.

The young among you are especially vulnerable to mishaps when it comes to fashion choices. You tend to be bombarded with countless options and the result is often confusion and loss of identity. Therefore it helps to have an icon who they can follow and learn from. Eventually they develop their own style which evolves into a more refined one over time. It is also important to observe trends and keep up with them. Doing this will ensure that you are never caught out of fashion.

Dressing appropriately for an occasion is half the battle. You must understand the context of each event and make sure you are not crossing any lines when it comes to selecting what you want to wear. If you are unsure then look no further than your style icon. Observe how they look when walking about in public, when at a party or during awards night. Granted, they have the benefit of personal stylists, makeup artists and brands lining up to have them wear their dresses. But you have the advantage of being an observer and student of fashion. Look at each new style as a fresh new lesson for you to absorb and add to your knowledge.

Now, when it comes to winter, people are divided. Some camps love the cold while others long for sunshine and warmth. Warmer climates also make it possible for you to wear less and be more stylish. But winter, true to its cold nature allows for no such thing. It’s a season when people prefer to stay indoors and snuggle up under blankets to stay warm and save themselves from the chilly embrace of harsh winter winds. One might be forgiven in thinking that style is the last thing on people’s minds when they are battling the climate and hoping for a hint of the sun which has now all but abandoned them.  But don’t despair! You get ample opportunities to look stylish in winter. Among the exciting options available to you are boots, hats, scarves, sweaters and leggings.

You can wear long sleeved clothing that fits well in order to wear a denim jacket or cardigan. For girls, you can’t go wrong this season with a simple boat neck style cashmere sweater.

“They are influencers, trend setters, they push boundaries and set new ones. They inspire others by being themselves.”

Admit it, you always wanted to wear boots and winter finally gives you that opportunity. For both guys and girls, when selecting boots go with brown and avoid darker colors. Tall boots for girls look incredibly stylish when worn with knee high socks. Scarves are the perfect accessory which gives you that extra element of style while keeping you warm and comfy. Try to avoid fur as it does not get cold enough to pull that off. Also there is a bit of controversy about mistreatment of animals when it comes to fur.  Leather is making a comeback this winter and you won’t be caught out of style if you wear a leather jacket or skirt. On the plus side it will keep you quite warm.  As far as coats go, you will do well to invest in a knee length pea coat which will be effective in fighting of cold winds while making you look incredibly stylish. You can be braver and go with a calf length coat. Thin long cardigan sweaters, when you match it with jeans or leggings, look great and is usually a safe bet. Keep in mind that you need to color coordinate what you wear.

Of course, looking stylish won’t mean anything if you fall sick during winter. Enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables while staying committed to a healthy diet. In Bangladesh winter vegetables include: cauliflower, cabbage, radish, carrot, bit, turnip, tomato, leafy spinach and red spinach – All of which can be extremely beneficial to your health and delicious when prepared correctly. Plenty of rest is also just as important. This means going to bed when you feel exhausted and waking up early feeling refreshed. You need to be ready to combat any onslaught on your weakened immune system – effected by the cold. Because the immune system is vulnerable, it is important to constantly wash your hands, discard used tissues, avoid sharing food and drink containers and avoid getting too close to those who are sick by keeping a safe distance from them when you are with them. 

There is no magic potion that helps your style icon stay in good health and looking fit. Search a bit and you will discover that they follow a strict lifestyle which enables them to stay radiant and looking good. The importance of exercise cannot be ignored, especially in winter. Icons hit the gym or exercise to stay in shape and you should too. Ultimately, you will succeed in looking good and feeling great with a little bit of observation, inspiration and personal touch.


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