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The sober sky of autumn has been lost behind a layer of fog. We can often hear a melancholic tune of departure in the midst of the solitary woods. Elderly people also wake up early in the morning and patiently wait at the yard. Don’t worry! It’s nothing disheartening. It’s just a glimpse of sunlight that they wait for. True, a few depressing words have been used in the introduction, but that doesn’t reflect the complete picture of winter.

Yes, dry skin and rough natural conditions are some regular elements of winter. But, at the same time, winter comes with a variety of occasions and reasons to celebrate. You may even get to add some color to your life thanks to the new stylish jacket you just bought.

Not only jackets -sweater, blazer, poncho or shrugs are among the many style options which can make winter a season of joy.

When it comes to winter clothing, outer wear is the first to come to mind naturally. In this regard, Hollywood icons, singers or other celebrities usually act as the trend setter. We have seen megastars like Justin Bieber or Kate Middleton change trends overnight while out on a leisurely walk.

Hollywood or Bollywood- no matter where the trend comes from, customers prefer the local trend, especially when it comes to clothes.

According to of Amber Lifestyle, locally produced export quality clothes which making for European and American market but according to local peoples fit and comfort have always been the first choice for customers. As we have not winter like western countries our people don’t need to wear heavy clothes to protect them from cold. And it’s only for few months. Other than heavy wool amber prefer to make remi cotton with a percentage of Lycra to get worm and comfort. Cotton-viscose blend, cotton-Lenen blend, linen blazer, bottoms with little heavier than summer with elasticity but maximum recovery should be there to attach with body all the time. As the life is colorful amber mixed the color in bottom wears. Long gown with simple but smart stone set on collar looks really great. Knit is always better but it has to be doubling mercerized which feels the body more relaxed. Viscose and moral is the good option instead of cotton and also both may mixed.

For teenagers and young adults, Amber Lifestyle focuses on Hoodie/ Jacket-Hoodie. Leather jacket, denim jacket with comfort stretch make a man or woman more stylish and confident. For females, Kate Middleton fever is still going strong. Overcoats with a princess line cut has become extremely popular. This year, Amber Lifestyle is offering variations such as the flair shape cut, align flair shape, panel line and so on. Besides that, full sleeve tops in semi-long patterns have become immensely popular among the young demographic. We have seen the demand for sweaters with asymmetric cut as well. Long denim shirts with up to knee for ladies are really awesome.

For those who like boots, this is the most appropriate season to pacify the plea. People generally prefer to stick to the safe and conventional once they go through some serious phases of experimentation. Last year we have seen different fashion houses conduct massive experiments when it comes to colors, such as: color blocking, vibrant colors or dense printing. So this year we might see some conventional colors such as black, ash, shades of grey or brown making a come back.

Along with color, lots of other trends are coming back. We have already seen young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg or Salman khan attending office meetings in some relatively  casual outfits. The trend pushed the designers to reopen their scrapbooks on V-neck sweaters and cardigans. However, some designers this year are working on Shawl collar sweaters by keeping a rolled collar and lapel in one piece.

For those who prefer a formal look, blazers in solid colors never go out of fashion. We have already seen different fashion houses coming up with their winter clothing collections.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it reflects the spirit of winter and goes with the current trend of colors and style. Have fun with combinations that make you look good, keeps you warm and comfy, and most importantly, makes you feel confident and happy. Now go out smiling and enjoy the wonderful season!


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