AH Babu Khan,Chairman  of BNS Logistics Bangladesh Ltd , ‘Bangla Cine Award’ A Man Of Charming Personality



Mr. Babu Khan, Chairman  of BNS Logistics and one of the most important person who have dreamt to hold ‘Bangla Cine Award’. The most important charisma of his character is that he can tackle any situation with his smile. Within huge pressure of work, I’ve seen him offering coffee with smile which can definitely make his foe to friend. Therefore Pages brings out the real Babu Khan to know this pleasing personality a little bit more.

Pages: How are you?
Babu: I’m fine but very busy with Bangla Cine award. So I can’t really say-how I am!

Pages: Where or how did you get the theme of Bangla Cine Award?
Babu: I got the theme from Oscar, Golden Globe and IFA award. In our country, we don’t have much more program for cine people. I thought that why not for our country!! For this reason, our company B.N.S. Logistics organizes this program.

Pages: What is your opinion to develop the film of Bangaldesh?
Babu: From 1960 to 2015, I saw many ups and downs in the films of Bangladesh. But you never get any special program to promote the film industry or the people in this sector. Our objective is to promote Bangladeshi film around the world and we want to inspire Bangladeshi Film to Intl. level.

Pages: Say something about yourself?
Babu: I completed my graduation from Dhaka University in 1996. I started my career in Bengal Leather Complex LTD. as a Director. This is our family business. Since 1975, we’re exporting leather goods too many countries. At the same time I’m an active director of BNS Logistic. Now BNS becomes my passion.

Pages: Say something about your company BNS Logistics?
Babu: BNS Logistics basically is an Event Management Firm. We are arranging Trade Fair for last eight years in USA. For the first time, we are arranging a glamorous program (Bangla Cine Award). If we become successful to our mission, we’ll hold more international events both in our country and abroad.

Pages: Say something about the program?
Babu: Bangla Cine Award-2015 will be held on 31st January, 2016 in Colden Auditorium in NY, USA. All mega stars of film and media will attend this program including other important corporate, social, political and intl. media personalities will also attend this program.
This program will be the remarkable program.

Pages: What is your future plan about cine award?
Babu: we want to spread Bangladeshi Film around the world through ‘Bangla Cine award’.


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