Captain AB Tajul Islam (RTD) MP wishes the glorious success of ‘Bangla Cine award-2015’


According to Captain AB Tajul Islam (RTD) MP, in the year 1960, the film of Bangladesh showed us some dream but in the middle of the time-the film industry fall down. But nowadays, new generation artists’ show us some dream of bright future with Bangladeshi film. B.N.S. Logistics gives some chance for Bangladeshi artists by providing award on Bangla Film. For this reason, they deserve thanks at every sector. We may have limitations in Bangladeshi film but I believe that Bangla Cine Award program will play a vital role to develop the film of Bangladesh. I think B.N.S. Logistics took a good step by arranging Bangla Cine Award which will take us a long way. I think ‘Bangla Cine Award’ will be able to show some dreams for Bangladeshi directors and producers to make more new films.

We saw that India holds many Intl. events outside of their country to spread their culture. In this regard I think ‘Bangla Cine Award’ will promote our culture in every corner of the world. B.N.S. Logistics for the first time arranged a program in USA which is the very good sign for Bangladesh. I think by this way, one day Bangladeshi film will achieve a respected position. We already know, some of our films awarded at International Festivals and I think these types of program will motivate the Bangladeshi film and also motivate the artist of Bangladesh. I hope B.N.S. Logistics will be succeeded and their program will achieve a great success. Thanks to B.N.S. Logistics for holding ‘Bangla Cine Award 2015’.


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