Tea With The Dreamer Md. Salauddin Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO of BNS Logistics



Md. Salauddin Ahmed, Managing Director and CEO of BNS Logistics and the founder of Bangla Cine award. He never wants to say that he has brought out the idea of holding Bangle Cine Award rather he introduces it as s result of their team work. Yes, this is the silent strength of his personality that he can tie up every member of his team within the same wave. He knows how to inspire the team and how to carry on the dream project with trust. Therefore he says, you can die but never let your dream to die. Let’s see what he has said to Pages….. 

Pages: How are you?
Mr. Ahmed: haa! Fine. There is no way to be ill as dream wheel is still going on.

Pages: Where or how did you find the theme of Bangla Cine Award?
Mr. Ahmed: sometimes we sit together for discussion. There was not any definite subject, just discussion with everything of our day to day official affair. I was talking about Red carpet and its possibility with our industry. Suddenly Babu suggests the name ‘Bangla Cine Award’ and that is the simple beginning of our dream project.

Pages: What is your opinion to develop the film of Bangaldesh?
Mr. Ahmed: From my point of view, I think that our industry should make character based movie. Nothing can possible by a single person. We need appropriate plan to develop this industry. Otherwise every businessman can be benefited but the industry can never be benefitted in the long run. Film is not only the way of earning money but also the way of nursing art.

Pages: Say something about yourself?
Mr. Ahmed: I ‘m the Managing Director of BNS Logistics and working as a C.E.O of Bangla Cine Award. But during my job, I always behave as their elder brother. No boss is allowed in my team. We’re brothers and that is our strength.

Pages: Say something about your company BNS Logistics?
Mr. Ahmed: it is basically an Event Management firm and we want to make it the largest event management firm of Bangladesh. Nothing is impossible as we’re about to done the biggest cine program ever in Bangladesh.

Pages: Say something about the program?
Mr. Ahmed: Our Program name is ‘Bangla Cine Award’ and I think you already know this. We are providing award in eighteen categories like other international film awards. Award will be provided in a systematic way. We make a jury board consist of five members who have already selected twenty five films. The program will be held on Colden Auditorium in NY, USA.

Pages: What are the activities to promote the program?
Mr. Ahmed: Our program will be telecast live in New York by ATN Bangla and recorded program will be telecast on Bangladesh. When the program will telecast on that time the sponsored name will be there. Print media partner is “THE PAGES ” and “KALER KANTHO”. On the other hand, we printed one lakh poster to spread the news for general people. There will be Road Show to highlight the sponsor.

Pages: What is your future plan about cine award?
Mr. Ahmed: Our future plan is to promote Bangladeshi film around the world through this Program.



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