“Trend of Coffee Shop in Bangladesh”


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Having coffee is a western culture. Nowadays it is adopted by the people of Bangladesh. In every city there are more than 30 coffee shops are available in our country. Dhaka city has more than 100 coffee shops.

Coffee trend first started in Bangladesh by Nescafé with a slogan “My First Cup.” After then many coffee shop were around. Gloria jean’s is one of the name.  They are many well known coffee shop . Nowadays coffee shop is a place of gossip for youngsters. Some well known coffee shops in Bangladesh are “Apon Coffee Shop”, “Popeyes Coffee Shop”, “Curiosity Coffee Shop” and “Café Mango”.


We talked with few coffee shop owners, they are quiet satisfied with their business. Even in these economy conditions. Well known Coffee Shop concentrate on their taste and variation on coffee. There are different varities of coffee available in every coffee shop in Bangladesh. These are coffee cold regular, cold chocolate coffee, hot coffee, caramel cold coffee, caramel chocolate cold coffee, sunydale cold coffee and so on.

Coffee shop is much popular in Gulshan, Dhnamondi and Khilgaon area. In Gulshan area coffee price is little bit higher than other area. Because upper class people are living there. In Gloria Jean’s coffee price starts form 80tk to 450tk. Coffee shops of Gulshan area provide better quality coffee and services than other. North End Coffee Roaster is also a well known coffee shop in that area.

Dhanmondi and Khilagaon are also popular for coffee shop. On those areas coffee price starts 40tk to 250 tk. They also provide good quality coffee. Students are the main customers of those areas’s coffee shop. Because there are lots of school, colleges and universities in those areas. So price is reasonable on those area’s coffee shop.

Coffee has raised it’s popularity now. This trend is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh.


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