A.N.M Monir Hossion Director at BNS Logistics, Bangladesh , ‘Bangla Cine Award’ The Beginner of a Dream


A.N.M Monir Hossion works as aDirector at BNS Logistics, Bangladesh.   From the very beginning of BNS inauguration, he has been working in his respected field to develop BNS as a multinational company. With eight years experience both in local and international arena as an event management firm; BNS Logistics formed the largest film award event ever in Bangladesh for the first time to development Bengali Film Industry on 31st January at Colden Auditorium in NY, USA. Business and Lifestyle Magazine  The Pages brings out the dreams of Mr. Monir Hossion who plays the most innovative and important role of holding Bangla Cine Award-2015 in the international arena like USA. Let’s see what Monir says to Pages:-

Pages: how did you think of holding such a big event like Bangla Cine Award?

Mr. Monir: actually BNS works in different fields of business fairs. We decided to work in another field like media but we were confused what field should we work. At last we take a decision of inspiring the existing film industry by a single initiative that will bring international attention along with inspire our artists who are really devoted to this industry.

Pages: what you personally think to be important to develop Bangladeshi film?

Mr. Monir: it is a creative field. So creativity is mandatory to be famous or success. A trainee of a Bike or T.V maker can be trainer later but a trainee of a film director can never be successful maker if he doesn’t possess creativity. Another important thing is that our industry is lack of enough technical knowledge about recent cinema technology. Even there is no modern lab along with sufficient equipment. So we should be technically rich along with proper knowledge of making film.

Pages:  please say about yourself?

 Mr. Monir: ha ha ha, I’m so simple, simple by nature and thinking but love to be dreamer of making something innovative. I’m a dreamer not emotionally but professionally and nurture my dream just like a small plant.

Pages: what about BNS?

Mr. Monir: BNS Logistics is the source of all my good things. I believe that my company will be not only country famous but also gather world’s fame. We’re planning to move internationally with more big events.

Pages: what about Bangla Cine award?

Mr. Monir: it will be the largest film award program ever in Bangladesh. We’re decided to promote our industry to international arena by focusing Bangla Cine Award. I hope 31st January will bring back the Beautiful Bangladesh in USA.

Pages: How do you promote the program?

Mr. Monir: we’re trying to present all the super stars, TV stars, sports starts, politicians, journalists, corporate personalities along with other respected person in the gala night so that this Award Night would be glamorous. We aimed to inspire the real genius by the award so that they may promote Bengali Film Industry. There is no compromise in this field. I hope Bangla Cine Award-2015 will be the superb one both heretically and glamorously.

Pages: future plan with Bangla Cine award?

Mr. Monir: dreams are never be satisfied and dreaming to make it the largest Bangla Film Award including India.


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