Md. Imam Hossain, The Name Of Intellectuality


Md. Imam Hossain, the man of strong personality works at BNS Logistics as an Exe. Director. From the very beginning of BNS inauguration, he has been working to build BNS as a multinational company with fame and success. He is also a sole dreamer of Bangla Cine award-2015. His intellectuality and hard labor make this project a fruitful one. Pages brings out his inner feelings with Bangla Cine award and BNS Logistics.

Whenever we start moving with this project, I personally feel to develop our film industry. And a cine award program is one of the biggest platform to inspire and adjacent areas of film. I think nothing can possible without inspiration. So it might be the biggest source of inspiration if we really be able to inspire the real awardees. In this case, I always move to find out the actual awardee. In this regard I believe that our jury board members worked hard and their final judgement will enlighten the entire film industry so that they move to make more innovative film projects. I hope and wish to stay beside Bangla Cine award team as an active one. My labor would be successful if our industry will achieve a prestigious position among other film industries.


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