The Westin Dhaka brings Arabian Food Fest


The Westin Dhaka brings you Middle Eastern flavor as we take you on a weeklong trip to Arabian Safari starting from 13th August to 23rd August. We are bringing renowned Syrian Chef Rimuon Imad Obaid all the way from Syria. He is from the city of Damascus the capital of Syria and he will give you a true essence of Syria and other Arabian cuisine. You will get the chance to experience authentic food from Syria to Lebanon, Jordan to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to Qatar. Enjoy the intense, vibrant and flavorful selection of Moroccan lamb meatballs, Lebanese lamb flat bread, sumac chicken, sharwarma, shish taouk and some mouthwatering desserts like baklava, fresh rose petal ice cream and creamy omali.

The amazing delectable journey will take you on a different height which you have never experienced before. This sumptuous food will come at a very attractive price of BDT 5000 net only per person available for dinner only at The Westin Dhaka’s “seasonal tastes” restaurant.


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