Eid ul Adha- The occasion of sacrifice and worship


Eid ul Adha is one the two religious celebration of Muslim Ummah. After two months and ten days of Edi ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha is knocking at the door. On the 10th of Jilhajj month the Muslim world celebrates Edi ul Adha. This a calibration of sacrifice and worship.

To accomplish the purpose of this day, Muslims, who are eligible sacrifice their beloved belonging in the name of Allah. Allah doesn’t receive anything from this event but the Taqwa of a Muslim who slaughter his beloved animal. He judges that how far his slaves can sacrifice for his satisfaction. He rewards us for every single step taken for him.

Eid means happiness. In this Eid, we share the happiness with those who are deprived from all happiness. But due to social system, we forget to do what we are supposed to. Prophet Muhammad (SM) noted that there were a lot of hidden intentions while Ibrahim (A) went to sacrifice his son in the worship of Allah. We never thought of that. The intension was to judge the level of sacrifice could be done by Ibrahim (A) due to the veneration toward Allah.

Alike every year, this year the animal market of Dhaka will be filled with customers’ choice. This year market will be filled with cow supply. Market will get its real face 3 or 4 days before Eid. Buyers will judge various market and then take their decision. Price will high enough this year.

Gabtoli hut will have camel this year. As the supply will be high, price will be in a limit. The price will not differ much than last year. But last year buyers had more interest in local cows.

Even the Huts of our city having a digitalized facility. Those who are not willing to go to hut can see website to get information. If customer order anything, it will be delivered to his address.

We all know that Eid brings happiness. But after Eid Salah, you will never know that hoe time is passing by! Within all these chores your mental state will be out of control. If somehow you find that the work is not in the right path, your anger may boost to the higher level. This is why proper planning is important.

  1. Theft and snatching is very common in this time. So going alone at hut will not be a good idea. Better form a group before going at hut.
  2. Don’t forget to take the receipt for Hashuli
  3. Do check the eligibility for the animal you are buying. Otherwise you may find the animal haram for the event.
  4. Collect all the important tools needed for the event.
  5. It becomes hard to find out a butcher at this time. They become booked at many places. So fox one for you as soon as possible. Prioritize this at high level.
  6. Those who has accommodation problem, better not buy animal too early.
  7. Find out someone experienced and knowledgeable to complete the offering.
  8. Better not keep kids around. Process of offering and other things may create FEAR IN THEM.
  9. Clean the place regularly where you want to keep the animal.
  10. Don’t let to create a crowd around. If any incident occurs, someone may get hurt.
  11. Don’t get too much messed up. Don’t forget to have your timely and properly.

The biggest problem arise when the offering ceremony is done. Clean up time! Crack a hovel where you will dump the dirt. Clean all the place with bleaching powder and lots of water. Wash the tools properly with antiseptic cleanser.

Meat preservation is another big challenge. Here are tips,

  1. Cut big pieces of meat and store them in fridge.
  2. Use polybag and keep the temperature below -20°
  3. To preserve meat without refrigerator, cut meat pieces and boil properly.
  4. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of space in fridge. So, don’t forget to keep enough space.

Proper pre-planning for this time will away from stress. It will a lots of time and will let you enjoy the Eid moments with your loved ones.


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