Clean Up Dhaka!


We are conspiring against Dhaka City, in order to get it off the list of least livable cities in the world. The short but strong description of the project “Clean up Dhaka”!

 They initiated a sustainable change in the local society and encouraged the people of Dhaka to manage their waste better and clean up the city together. They made successful events which left a permanent impact on the Dhaka city. The citizens of Dhaka will manage their waste better and create a cleaner city together. Hopefully the citizens will have a more positive view on the future, and realize the impact that a one person can have on the world around him/her.

Their Mission

The main purpose of the project was to set an example by cleaning certain streets or public areas that are swamped with garbage. They wanted to give the people of Dhaka a vision that helps them realize what the future could look like. With this, we hope to create awareness regarding the waste management in the city. Therefor they also visited the countryside and took pictures and videos those are being used to remind the people of Dhaka how beautiful our country is, without the litter. They wanted to empower the citizens of Dhaka to make a sustainable change in their ways.

The Story

Dear Bangladesh,

We think it’s time we share our story with you. Contrary to popular belief and although we call ourselves an “organization”, we are just 7 kids from Japan who wanted to do something about the waste problem in Dhaka.

We were baffled by the amount of exposure we got since this was initially planned as a small-scale trial only. Starting full scale was not due until next winter and the plan was to come back every year until we succeeded in making significant change in Dhaka. However, this much exposure also has its downside, as many have approached us to commercialize the whole movement but we refused to sell out. We haven’t needed funding since all we needed was a pair of gloves and a trash bag, and that is all you need as well Bangladesh. We were supposed to conclude our activities yesterday but all your support has inspired and convinced us to continue this weekend. We are planning to evolve this into a pre-scheduled area based voluntary program on weekends in the near future.” 

A quote from the founder

“Change is not just possible but inevitable, the only question that remains is whether you are willing to be a part of it or not.” – Jawad Mubashwir (founder of Clean Up Dhaka)

Pic: These three kids had rushed to Yukina and naturally she assumed that they would ask for money, instead they offered to help voluntarily and tagged along with her until the end. Another guy sat on a bus for more than 10 hours from Bogra and back just to join us. Change is not just possible but inevitable, the only question that remains is whether you are willing to be a part of it or not.

 They went back

After 24 hours, four airplanes and bus rides, they went back to their homes in Japan, except for Jawad who stayed back to manage the continuation of the project, and is now working hard to make it self-sustainable.

They expressed our sincerest gratitude to everybody who supported them, whether it be by lending a helping hand, writing a message, comment or like. They thanked Jawad’s family who generously hosted them. They included Bangladeshi people, the honorable mayor, BDcyclist, and all the other volunteer groups and all the individuals who volunteered with them. We thank you

We thank the group from the core of our heart. You have all touched us. And was inspired in a way that we can’t imagine. You will always have a special place in all of our hearts. This has been an amazing journey and we hope to see you again very soon.


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