International Folk Music Festival 2015


“Bangladesh has a rich culture heritage that is unparalleled in this world. To truly discover the depths of it would take a more than a lifetime. Our country’s folk music has yet to spread its wings in the global stags and stagger the hearts of people with its poetic pull. We thought that it’s about time that changed; we need to get out there. Thus the birth of Dhaka Folkfest, a platform for the legends, the icons and the rising starts to share soul-wrenching melodies of a country and a culture for the world to hear. It doesn’t end there, though. Music is about unity and participation, keeping in that mind, aside our own artist, will bethe musicians of the world sharing their own brand of folk music with the people of Bangladesh. We are creating a place where everyone gets together to share the stories of their own lands.”                              

                                                                          -Dhaka Folkfest 2015

 Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Jari, Shari and Baul songs. Folk music has spread itself into the depths of Bangladeshi culture.  These tell the story of the Bangladeshi life as well as religion and the varieties of our lives. The tune touched everyone’s’ soul. Our folk music is equally popularto the outside world. There has been research going on regarding our folk music for almost five decades and UNESCO to declare Baul music as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

To represent Bangladesh and its culture to the whole world thru Folk music, Sun Events and Maasranga Television are hosting “Dhaka Folk Fest”, an international folk festival which will be known as “International Folk Music Festival 2015”. The event will take place at Dhaka’s Army Stadiumfrom November 12thto November 14. 6 to 1 AM.

The announcement of the festival came by a press conference held on Wednesday 30 November, 2015 at hotel Amari. Managing Director of Maasranga Television and Sun Events Anjan Chowdhury, Professor Anisuzzaman, Ambassador of Egypt to Bangladesh Mahmoud Ezzat, noted folk singer Farida Parveen, editor of The Daily Samakal Golam Sarwar, Founder of Arts Interactions Alan Tweedie, and business advisor of Sun Events Tootli Rahman attended the press conference.

All the outstanding Bangladeshi performers of the event will be performing. Farida Parveen, Momtaz Begum, Bari Siddiqui, Rob Fokir, Kiron Chandra Ray, Chandona Majumdar, Shafi Mondol, Nashid Kamal, Sadananda Sarkar, Nishikanto Sarkar, Kajol Dewan, MinuBillah, LubnaMarium, Labik Kamal Gaurob and Magic Bauliana among others. Not only Bangladeshis, other countries like Pakistan, India, Ireland, China will also perform. From Pakistan, there will be AbidaParveen and SaieenZahoor. From India, there will be Papon, Indian Ocean, Nooran Sisters, Rajasthan Folk Group, Arko Mukherjee, Paban Das Baul, and ParvathyBaul. From Ireland, there will be Niamh NíCharra. From China, Yunnan Art Troupe and from Egypt, Alexandria Dance Troupe will be performing.

Interested audience will be able to register for free and enjoy the event. More information will be given at the website of the event or at the Facebook page Organizers assume that more than 30 thousand audience will join each day at Army Stadium.

Managing director of Sun Events, Anjan Chowdhury said that new generation a small interest for folk music. He advised for proper planning, practice and patronage can bring back the interest of young generation. Our arrangement is to bring back that practice as well as represent our local culture to the world.

Ambassador of Egypt to Bangladesh Mahmoud Ezzat discussed that folk song is the main foundation of any country’s culture. Even Egypt has cultural songs and other ingredients. Recently Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan and other countries are showing utmost interest in Folk Songs. This time Bangladeshis arranging such amazing program with the mist ancient stream of world’s music.


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