Home remedies to remove blackheads


More or less everybody suffer from blackhead problem. Parts like above nose and chin, below lips may get effected by blackheads. Other than these visible parts, era and other parts of body may get effected.


Hormone change in body and excessive use of cosmetics may leave blackheads on your face.


Blackhead is a blatant problem. It’s an uninvited problem that never goes away perfectly. Even regular cleanup cannot solve this problem. So, regular care is a must.

For the readers of The Pages Magazine, we took advice from skin specialist and here are the remedies.



  1. Baking soda:


Dirt on face may result in blackheads. Baking soda cleans blackheads from the root.


Mix 2 table spoon baking soda with water and make a pest. Apply the pest on blackheads and massage gently. Wipe with light warm water after it gets dry. Try this 2/3 days in a week and see the result.

  1. Cinnamon:


Cinnamon is very useful to remove blackheads and block its return.


Mix Cinnamon powder and honey and make a thick pest. Apply this on blackheads at night and sleep. Wash it with clean water in the morning. Continuing this for 10 days will give a great result. Other than this one, you can mix lemon extract, turmeric and Cinnamon to clean your skin.


  1. Oatmeal:


Mixture of oatmeal and curd is great for skin care. Other than this, thick mixture of 4 tomato extract. 1 tea-spoon honey and sufficient amount of oatmeal is a good scrubber for skin. Wait for 10 minutes after applying the mixture. You can use it every day.


  1. Lemon extract:


Lemon extract is good for almost every skin problem. You can make a scrub by lemon extract, salt, curd and honey. It will work as an exfoliator.


Make a facial cleaner with lemon extract and milk or rose-water. Use it regular for 10-12 days.

  1. Green tea:


Mix water and 1 table spoon roasted green tea. Make a pest and apply on blackheads. It will clean face and remove extra oil. Wash face with light warm water.


  1. Honey:


Honey cleans face by keeping the moisture of skin. Apply honey directly on face and wash it after 10 minutes with light warm water.


  1. Turmeric:


Apply Mint leaf extract and turmeric on blackheads for few minutes. Wash it with warm water. Other than this red-sandal turmeric and milk mixture can clean skin. Apply this for 10 minutes and clean with water.


  • Point to note: Don’t use all the remedies together. Choose one that can be made easily. Use that one remedy for 10-12 days or till you get rid of blackheads.



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