Tremendous Health-risk in Tight Jeans. -Mehedi Hassan Al-Bakar


All on a sudden her cuff muscle started swelling like a balloon. Tremendous pain was driving her crazy! She got well only after treatment. The cause for this was identified by “Journal of Neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry” – They stated that this 35 years old lady used to wear skin-tight jeans all day long.

Her cuff muscle swelled. Doctors said, because of wearing tight jeans for long periods, she faced Compartment Syndrome. In this problem, blood circulation of some muscles stop and become inactive, resulting in tremendous pain. Due to this, she was unable move her leg. This harmed her muscle and nerves.

She was wearing this type of jeans for 4 straight days. Health problems like this are common. Doctors warned about the tremendous health risks associated with wearing tight jeans.


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