Mehreen Mahmud


mostly known by her stage name Mehreen, is a well-known Bangladeshi pop singer. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mehreen is a multi-genre artist, covering oriental classical to styles locale to her country and the world. She is the first cross over artist from Bangladesh, with new fusionised genres like bangla-jazz, Bangla-samba and Bangla-world.

Mehreen comes from a musical family in the realm of classical, tagore and pop. Discovered to be a gifted harmonium player when she was not even four, she was identified by Ustaad Mithun Dey, a classical maestro, at 7. Her musical journey from the age of 4 turned into a career from 1994. Her first album, Anari was a revival of Bangla Pop in the year 2000. The title track, released before the album, launched a pop scene revival in Bangladesh.

Anari was a revival of Bangla Pop in the year 2000. The title track, released before the album, launched a pop scene revival in Bangladesh. This was followed by western fusion in Bangla, including Latin in “Dekha Hobe”, “Dhaka” and Jazz in “Jole Nebhe”.

Till 2008, she has released seven solo albums: Anari (2000), Dekha Hobe (2002), Mone Pore Tomae (2004), Bhalobashar Gaan a Romantic Compilation (2005), Don’t Forget Me (2006), Tomar Jonno a video compilation (2007), and Tumi Acho Bole (2008 Bangladesh and India). Her big hits are Rajkumar, tumi acho bole, dhol, anari, dhaka, etc. Some of her songs are patriotic. She is the only Bangladeshi mainstream artist now on iTunes and Hungama dot com.

She has been a judge at the 1st BD idol in 2013. 2010 did Ludoscope for ETV Bangla. In 2008 she was the judge from Bangladesh to the first ever band hunt reality show in Kolkata, the Band Wagon, with Grammy winner A.R. Rahman. She has been on international TV channels such as ESPN, ETV Bangla, Zee Bangla, Tara Muzik, South Asian and radio in Kolkata and BBC Bangla Service.

“Singer of the anthem for the Bangladesh National Cricket Team at the ICC cricket match titled Cup Kintu Ektai”

She has been affiliated with WFP (World Food Program) as goodwill ambassador, and with WFWP (women federation for world peace) as peach ambassador.

She is an MA (hons.) in English Literature from the Dhaka University, a Scorpion, well versed in Bengali, English. For a fair portion of her life she had been in the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. 

On to stardom on the strength of her stunning east-meets-west voice, Mehreen is a talent who moves easily from oriental classical to styles locale to her country and the world.

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 30, a Scorpion, MA (hons.) in English Literature from the Dhaka University, has been trained in classical vocals, Tagore, Nazrul and folk; south American calypso is her soul mate and is reflected in her vocal style.

The passion turned into a career from 1994 when her talent was recognized at a friend’s party. Soon after she decided to bring out something unheard of – a style that does not match the clichéd style of sweet melodious voice with which oriental sounds are associated. She took 6 long years to release the debut album ANARI in the year 2000. The creation was so powerful that months before the release, the title track made her a sought after artiste and an instant heartthrob because of reviving the pop scene in the country after 20 long years of pop vacuum.

Thus the track Anari initiated the neo-pop trend, missed by the pop lovers of Bangladesh for the past decades. The hardly promoted album was a hit not only in her country but in the neighboring countries as well and made the artist the forever reigning Pop Princess of Bangladesh.


  • International Mr. and miss university beauty pageant 2nd runner up 1995, Tokyo, Japan.
    • M C for State programs for the Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy, the National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, 1992-2004
    • Host for one of the most popular celebrity game shows Shophol Jara Kemon Tara, Ekushey Television.
    • Host for ‘Eid Anondo Mela for national channel BTV for two consecutive years.
    • English News caster, on national TV channel, the Bangladesh Television, BTV and national radio, Bangladesh Betar.
    • Host for world music, external service of the national broadcast, and home service for national broadcast, Bangladesh Betar.
    • Host for letter reply for English service, external service, Bangladesh Betar
    • Ramp model 1996-1998
    • Jingle performer for one of the most popular jingles in the country, Keya Super Lemon soap, which has bagged awards for three consecutive years.
    • Miss bang 1st runner up 1996.
    •1st in solo acting, Dhaka University.
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