6 Common Problems due to Lack of Sleep – Tasnim Nahar


When you are tired, do you face difficulty in sleeping?  Can’t enjoy a good continuous sleep? Few of us are aware that this is a big problem. This article contains some problem caused by disorder of sleep.


  1. Insomnia:


If you face problem to start sleep that’s insomnia. This a primary problem. Many get effected by this. This is a result of mental pressure. Change in lifestyle and treatment can reduce this problem.


  1. Sleep apnea:


If you feel problem to breath in sleep, it’s called sleep apnea. You face problem on the next day as it doesn’t let you to sleep properly at night. Doctor’s advice can help to reduce this problem.


  1. Leg movement:


Many ones feel tremendous leg movement while sleeping. It terribly hampers sleep. It’s called restless leg syndrome. Various pharmalogical and non-pharmalogical treatment can solve this problem.


  1. Sleep sickness:


We see many ones to fall asleep at day-time. Sometimes they fall asleep while working! This may cause temporary paralysis. This kind of patients need medicines, good food, doctor’s advice and change in lifestyle. Besides these they may need mental treatment too.


  1. Sleep walk:


Some people may repeat what they did whole day while they sleep. These patients may do many thing in sleep. They can walk, get ready, brush their teeth and even go out. This is extremely dangerous for the patient and can invite death! Prioritizing this problem to the top, these patient should be taken to the doctor.


  1. Late to sleep:


These patients gets late to sleep at night and gets late to weak up in the morning. They face problem to accomplish any task in the morning. They feel comfortable to do work at night rather than morning. Their regular activity and habit is responsible for this. This diseases mostly from childhood. Doctor’s treatment can solve this problem.


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