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The Pages: Tell us something about yourself.

Firoz Khan Prince: I am Firoz Khan Prince. Father MD. Motiur Rahman Khan and mother Firoza Begum. I am the eldest of my 7 siblings. I came to Dhaka with my father when I was in class 3 along with my family. That was the first time I went to cinema hall to watch a movie. The movie was named “অনেক প্রেম অনেক জ্বালা”. I was astonished that how come the situation is focusing somewhere else and it is being showed somewhere else! It created a tremendous interest in me. I kept thinking about it. I watched more movies. My interest kept growing. I went to the cinema clubs of my area to see how a movie is made. I start writing drama. When I was in class 6th or 8th, I wrote drama and directed it. I started from BGC social welfare society. Here Sarwar Hossain Tayab inspired me a lot. I performed in many drama. And along with that I directed my written drama clubs like Shibrampur Club, Tilokpur Club or Moricha at Dhaka etc. when audience clapped for me, I became more inspired. Besides school, I have kept learning singing and dancing. I stepped into the cinema world on 15th September 1992. My mentor Mr. Shofi Bikrampuri started the movie named “Lady Inspector” along with director Mr. Shamsuddin Tagor. By the help of my friend Jafor Al Mamun, I met another director Anutosh Borua. By his assistance I got the chance to work with Mr. Shofi Bikrampuri. Besides my works I completed my graduation. Afterwards I want 12 long years with him.

The Pages: Tell us something about Mr. Shofi Bikrampuri


Firoz Khan Prince: I first saw him on 29th September, 1992. He was a very gentleman. He was calm. I really liked him at first sight and his personality was outstanding. His talent and intelligence really overwhelmed me. I have learned many things from him. I really respect him for everything.

The Pages: Tell us about your family


Firoz Khan Prince: My family is consist of my parents, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the elder one. My parents are the source of my inspiration. They never tied me up from anything. My father financed for my movies. My mother always inspired me and always believed that one day I will become a successful person. Whatever I used to do, they took everything positively. My siblings also inspired me a lot.


The Pages: Can you share any remarkable my of your mentors


Firoz Khan Prince: I remember a story from the making of “জজ সাহেব”. I was the Assistant director. The shoot was at Cox’s bazar. I forgot to take duct tape. It’s a very important element for shooting process priced only 10 taka. When we crossed almost 40 km, I suddenly realized that I didn’t bring the tape! The assistant director of camera was asking about the tape. We went all the way back and bought the tape and came back. The given time was 10 a.m. and it started at 1:30 p.m. I was so frightened that I couldn’t face Shamsuddin Sir. Shofi Sir heard about this. He called me and consoled me. He said,” there is nothing to worry. Mistakes happens. So don’t worry. And none will say anything to you.” I will always remember this event.



The Pages: As well know that you are a successful director. Tell us any story from any cinema that was made under your direction.


Firoz Khan Prince: It was monsoon when I was directing the movie “প্রেমিকা ছিনতাই” on 2003. When we reached Cox’s bazar, 3 no. danger signal was shown. We couldn’t start our shooting for 4/5 days. I was tensed about money. We were sitting idle with 135 stuffs for 4 days. Actor Rubel consoled and said, “Don’t worry. I faced this situation for 7 days.” Then I thought became like this within 4 days where the situation could be worst then this! I relaxed myself and said that we will enjoy khicuri as it was raining on those days.


On another movie, I was a 50% partner. We faced a loss of 30 lakhs! As I was so upset, I bought a fish worth 6,000 taka and added it to total loss of that movie. It was like celebrating the loss with a treat.



The Pages: Tell us about your success.


Firoz Khan Prince: “প্রেমিকা ছিনতাই” and “খুনিবউ” was the most successful movies of my carrier. One was released on 2003 and another was released on 2005. The thing mesmerized me is these movies are still at the cinema halls. In this year “খুনিবউ” was running at Chanda Hall. “পিঁপড়া বিদ্যা” also running beside it. I went to see the condition. I was overwhelmed to that “খুনিবউ” had more audience than “পিঁপড়া বিদ্যা”. All I feel that if audience buy tickets, I will succeed.



The Pages: Whom would you credit for you success?


Firoz Khan Prince: My parents. They never hindered me from anything. And now my wife is added to this list.


The Pages: What are you planning for the revolution of Bangladeshi Cinema?


Firoz Khan Prince: I think that audience wants to see cinema but they don’t get to see quality movies. So quality and Government support is needed here. They have to pass the piracy law. If they of this, this industry will go ahead.


The Pages: At this stage of your success, what are the ways you follow?


Firoz Khan Prince: I think honesty is the first priority. People know me as an honest person. Second is I don’t smoke or even allow smoking around me. And hard dinks are far away from me. My mentors always taught to be gentle and to build cinema by my talent and intelligence, according to the audience wish.



The Pages: What about your daily schedule?


Firoz Khan Prince:  it’s nearly impossible to work with a schedule. But there are some things I always try to maintain. I take shower and recite Quran every day before I go out. I take my meal timely and encourage everyone to do so. We normally don’t keep shooting schedule on rainy days. I always try to keep myself happy. And whenever I get time, I try to give more and more time to my beloved wife.


The Pages: Tell us about your upcoming movies


Firoz Khan Prince: currently I am working on “শোধ-প্রতিশোধ”. This is my fourth movie. Actor Maruf is the hero. He is a famous action hero of our country. Moushumi Hamid as playing as heroine. Many others including Elias Kobra, Ripon khan are acting here. Monjur Rahman is the story writer.


Next I am going to work on “বউ এর মত বউ”. Story writing almost done. We will start working on it very soon.



The Pages: What will be your advice to the new generation coming to the direction line?


Firoz Khan Prince: young generation is come into this line with a lot of knowledge that we didn’t get at our times. So the expectation is high from them. Now-a-days universities have courses on digital film making.


The advise them to sit beside the audience and understand what they want to see. They can sit beside the audience of rural areas. This will help them to understand make cinema accordingly. If audience don’t see the cinema, this will not be counted as success. The cinema should be entertaining as well as it should contain a good story.


The Pages: What would you suggest for the movies by Government Funding?


Firoz Khan Prince: every year the Government funds for 6 movies that is approximately 3 corer. But it is a matter of sorrow that none watch these movies. These movies don’t even touch 100 cinema halls. The Government must use renowned directors to make movies. Budget for these movies is never less. Then why these movies are never up to the mark? This question need a good answer.



The Pages: What is your opinion about national film award?


Firoz Khan Prince: I am a bit upset on this matter. Who are getting award for here? What kind of movie is getting award? Who saw these movies? Where are these movies running? These are some important questions to answer.


I would request the Government to give their kind concern to this matter. To how many halls have shown the movie? What amount of VAT the government collected? If any movie doesn’t go on for 100 halls, it will not nominated for National Award.


I am hopeful to this Government. I hope they will think about this sector. They have already help us. They funded for movies and renovated halls. I thank our Prime Minister for this. I hope she will work to pass the piracy law as soon as possible.


Our film industry will be enriched. Our audiences will be delighted with excellence of movies.


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