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No matter which occasion it is, shopping is a must! Let it be men, women or kid, occasion means new dress and accessories. From shopping places to internet, shopping fever is everywhere. This is Eid ul Adha but still we seek for new appeals. From top to toe everything should be brand-new.

Let it be rain, heat, traffic, we will go for shopping anyway! It impossible to walk without any jolt due the traffic of different aged customers.

Alike every year cloths of our markets are named on India’s Hindi TV series’ characters. But customers are suffering due to price. The whole Gausia market has only one noise “Kironbala”. This dress has highest demand in this market. At every cloth store there are some common questions, “how much is the Kironbala?” or “do you have Kironbala for kids?” Other than this “Motshokumari”, “Flore touch” and “Rajkumari” has good demand too.

A seller from Namira Fashion, Md. Parvez told us, “Kironbala is a dress designed with gorgeous Cotty. This dress has high demand with a high price. The price is within 3000 Taka to 10,000 Taka.”

A seller form Anjan’s informed us “Motshokumari”, “Flore touch” and “Rajkumari” has high demand too.


Stoned worked Flore touch dresses are within 2500 Taka and others are within 3,000 Taka to 7,000 Taka.


Seller of Lamiya Fashion told us that “Bonolota and skin kameez are in customers’ choice. Cotton kameez are available for those who don’t like heavy worked frock type dresses. Bonolota will be priced within 2000 Taka and skin kameez is available in 1250 Taka.


Sufia Afroz, a buyer, informed us, “I don’t like heavy worked dresses. But this year I saw more of the stone worked collection. So I am facing a bit problem to find out dress of my choice. I liked some dresses. I will buy if the price matches my budget.”


“Shahida fashion has stone worked dresses only” said Mr. Monir. He added that, “Stone worked 4 pieces price starts from 8000 Taka. Demand is high for these dresses. Flore touch dresses are also available here. Price range is 5000 Taka to 10,000 Taka.”


On the hand internet clothing business is booming too. We have talked to some women entrepreneurs about their business.

Anika Hossain, owner of Rupanzel owners, she a proud women entrepreneur of this business. She came into this business due to her husband’s influence. She mostly works with embroidery. Her brother owns an embroidery house and assists her to stich her products.


She added that, there is no compromise with quality. May be the price goes up while maintaining the quality but still no compromise. She has plans to come up with some new collections for Eid. Choice of new collection will depend on customers’ demand.


We had a conversation with another women entrepreneur, Ami Afrin. She is an owner of Nahar Online shop. She is studying in fashion designing and she is in this business by her own interest. She opened a Facebook page and named it Nahar Online shop. She targeted the various online selling groups on Facebook. She collects her materials mostly from Islampur or Bongobazar.


They also informed us about the priceg. They said that they try to keep the price at minimum level. Rupanzel’s products’ price starts form 500 Taka and the maximum depends on customer’s order and product quality.

Amy Afrin said she keeps product that costs minimum 500 Taka and maximum 4000 Taka. But the price always varies depending on customer choice. Some customers seek for good product in low price which is not possible. As the price is already kept in minimum level, it’s not possible to make it lower.

They receive customers’ order at Facebook by online massaging. They have door to door delivery facility. Usually they can deliver product to 9-10 customers within 5-6 days. But more often it depends on other factors.

Both the entrepreneurs added that this business is very profitable for them. Those who are sitting at home, can go for this baseness. Students can also join into this.

In previous years, online shops had less preference than outlets. But now the level is increasing. Thus some still avoid online shopping, as there are a number of frauds.


Courtesy by: Nahar Online Shop

Rupanzel owners


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