Mohammed Nooruddin Chowdhury Country Manager DHL Global Forwarding


The Pages: How did you start your journey as a professional?

I began my career with Singapore based NOL (Bangladesh) Private Limited in 1990 as a Management Trainee and was attached with different cross-functional departments. I worked there for 7 years and left as Assistant General Manager before joining APL (Bangladesh) Private Limited as General Manager of Customer Service and IT.

The Pages: You have the experience of working with some diverse global and local brands. Tell us your story of success. Is there any particular factor that inspires you to display such endurance?

Every business has challenges and obstacles and until one tries it out, he or she will never know if it works. I have had the opportunity to work for global and diverse brands which helped me build experience and working knowledge. My advice to all who are about to start their career: Focus on the opportunities and deal with issues as they arise. Plan ahead and learn as you go. Don’t spend too much time thinking about risks and obstacles, and pondering over the right time to start. Confronting a pure business challenge is the adventure of a lifetime.

The Pages: You are the person who brainstormed brilliant ideas and implemented the most sophisticated technologies to this region. Tell us about the height that DHL has reached through its excellence in freight transportation, warehousing and distribution.

DHL Global Forwarding is a division of Deutsche Post DHL that provides air, ocean, road and rail freight forwarding services. Our freight forwarding services not only include standardized transport but also multimodal and sector-specific solutions as well as solutions for individualized industrial projects.
Our business model is very asset-light, as it is based on the brokerage of transport services between our customers and freight carriers. This allows us to consolidate shipments and purchase cargo space at cost-effective terms. Our global presence ensures network optimization and the ability to meet the increasing demand for efficient routing and multimodal transport.

We tailor our DHL Global Forwarding service offerings to suit the needs of our customers. This way, we will be able to effectively support our customers through logistic management regardless of what market or industry they operate in.

The Pages: What has been your most challenging moment in career and how did you deal with it?

I personally take each and every step of my career as a challenge. It inspires me to work with diligence and helps me to stay focused.

The Pages: If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

Decisive actions have brought me to where I am now. Some has been successful, others might have not panned out according to plan. But what I have learned is that we can start from wherever we are. We can always start anew and do better than before.

The Pages: What invaluable advice would you give to people seeking career as a logistics specialist?

Logistics is an exciting industry to be in and the opportunities for growth are very high. As companies focus on their core functions, they are seeking third parties to add value to their supply chain.

However, there is a deficiency of talent in this industry. That is why we invest so much in training our employees. We also hope the education sector will be able to address the lack of talent which will help bring about growth of the logistics industry.

The Pages: Do you feel that Bangladesh is a suitable location for FDI?

Bangladesh is a country with immense potential as well as business opportunities and we want to provide our services to businesses of every scale. The geographical linkage to countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan and even China opens up huge trading opportunities for the country. We are confident that the economy in Bangladesh will grow on the back of the expanding export and import volumes of RMG, pharmaceuticals, life sciences products and footwear. DHL is looking to provide logistics support to local organizations and enable them to operate in the global market.


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