Momotaz and Chonchal Chowdhury are With Shwapno, in the paddy field with the farmers by – Imran Haque


Shwapno and ACI jointly arranged a different campaign program for the farmers at Singaer in Manikgonj. There presents the folk queen Momtaz and the famous versatile actor Chonchal Chowdhury. They went to the farmers and hoards paddy vegetables from the farmers. They also roamed and visited the whole area at this time. In this visiting program there present the chain shop Shwapno’s Executive Director Sabbir Hasan Nasir. In this program there also present the Logistic director of ACI and the Business Director of Shwapno Shohel Tanvir Chowdhury. The local UP Chairman Abdul Halim Raju, the Media personality Raju Alim and many a respective person were present at the program. Later they allot seeds among the farmers in a school field. In this program Mamtaz Begum says that if we want to build our next generation strong we need to feed our child fresh food and that comes from the village and the village farmers are the backbone of the nation. They are mainly helping the country to build up a healthy nation.



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