26th March, Independence Day


The war of independence is a struggle for the liberation of a nation from the foreign rule. Our struggle for independence is a history for the nation of Bangladesh. This war for independence started on the 26th March in 1971 and lasted till our victory on the 16th of December. On that day, we became independent and occupied a place in the world map as an independent nation. It was a bloody struggle. It took place as a result of the discrimination, oppression, and suppression of the west Pakistani rulers. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led the struggle for freedom but soon he was arrested and taken to West Pakistan by the Pakistani rulers. But the struggle did not stop. People of all walks of life took part in the war. Many people sacrificed their valuable lives for our independence. The war of independence in 1971 was really a great event because we achieved our freedom through this war. Every year we observe the day showing great honor to our freedom fighters. We remember the supreme sacrifices of our freedom fighters and pay a rich tribute to them. The day begins with a gunshot. The national flag is hoisted on the top of each house. People of all walks of life go to the National Memorial and offer flowers. Different organizations arrange different programs to observe the day. Radio and television channels broadcast special programs on the significance of the day. Many meetings, seminars, and discussions are held to highlight the significance of the day. It is our independence day which inspires us to love our motherland and fight against injustice, tyranny, and falsehood. The day remains ever fresh in the hearts of the people of this country.


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