Adolf Khan-Ramp Model, Choreographer, Stylist and Fashion Designer


Emerging Young ramp model and ChoreographerAdolf Khan. Born in the capital, this young artistic
persona is a Computer Engineer by profession. Along with that his activities are extended in various arena of media industry. His fascination towards media started from an early age.  He entered into media in 2007.  Recently The Pages had a candid chat with this rising star.

The Pages: We have seen that most of the choreographer are from modelling background. How much do you agree with the fact that basically its models who becomes choreographer later?

Adolf Khan: Actually I don’t agree totally with the fact that normally Models turns into choreographer. There are many examples in the industry who have started their career as a choreographer. Yes , there are example of models too who become choreographer. Its because being attached with the industry for a long time, people get experienced in that sector. Another thing is that, after a long period of modeling life it’s normal to lose the glamour for anyone. But their passion for this work also keep them continuing on that sector. Moreover their love and attachment towards industry and their ongoing expertise behind the camera brings out their capability as a choreographer.

The Pages : What qualities are needed to be a good model?

Adolf Khan:To be a good model, first of all one has to possess an artistic mind. Then he/ she has to have total dedication towards work, patience, time maintainance and full concentration towards work to build up a good career on the whole. Moreover, as a model one must maintain a fashionable lifestyle. Delivery and output have to be fantastic. Therefore love, respect and understanding with both senior and junior artist is also very important. On the whole she/ he has to have full trust on herself and also in the industry too.

The Pages:  What are the projects that you are working on based on the upcoming Eid?

Adolf Khan:Before Eid, I am continuing my regular works like styling and choreography basically. Along with that, some designing task of my own fashion house ‘Autograph’ is also going on. Otherwise some outdoor shoots for fashion houses and media is also completed. This time I have given less time in choreography or fashion shoot because of my business in designing for a movie. I am expecting to see my name as a designer in a movie.

The Pages:  ramp model or photo shoot, which one do you prefers most?

Adolf Khan: Ramp modelling is the root of my work and Photo shoot is also very close to my heart as I have been working for almost 9 years as a model. I have become able to do photo shoot because of my beginning as a model and then the experience increase. That’s why I love both of them and respect the both genre equally.

The Pages:What are your future plans?

Adolf Khan: Actually, the industry has given me a lot. That’s why I want to contribute something very special so that the future generation can have the profit of it. Otherwise, I also want to see myself as a part of film industry. That’s why I started to work in film as a stylist, choreographer and designer. Thus I want to gain more experience of the film industry. Near future I am planning to direct a movie and seeking prayers of all. Hopefuly that’s all ahead of planning for my future.


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