Utshobe Bashundhara


During the month of Ramadan, for the festival of Eid-ul-adha, Channel I is telecasting the program “Diamond World Presents “Uthshobe Bashundhara” focusing on food, life style, shopping and so on sponsored by Bashundhara Group.Directed by Mr. Raju Alim,Program Manager of Channel I and hosted by ShubornaNaoadirthe South Asian Fashion and Life Style Fest-2016 is being held in Bashundhra International Convention City-2, “PushpoGucho”. The fair will run until June 30,2016. The center is open every day from 11am to 10 pm.

Besides the famous brands of Bangladesh there are lavishing and branded show rooms of cloths from India, Thailand, Iran and China.Moreover, besides the dresses of men and women of all ages, one can also find jewelry, cosmetics, leather and goods items there. In addition, beauty and spa is also included. Such charming of the fair is on the limelight of the program “Diamond world Presents Uthshobe Bashundhara”. The decent attire has been termed as a central focus of this fair fest. Customers can easily juxtapose among the products of Bangladesh and other countries before shopping from International Convention City, Bashundhara. In this Fair a special icon has been placed for the program “Diamond World Presents Uthshobe Bashundhara”. All the popular glamorous film stars, fashion icons, models, celebrities, sports icons, celebrity entrepreneurs are coming there to attend the fair. As a part of the program they are visiting all the stalls with the host. They are also talking with the customers and the other visitors.

One of the special part of this Fair as well as the Program is ‘celebrity selfie time’. Besides talking and greeting with the favorite celebrities, the customers and visitors of this fair have special opportunity to take selfie with them. The program has taken affluent response from the audience for its glamorous hosting, and extraordinary and diversified subject matter and lavishing style content. With this plentiful love of the audience “Diamond world presents Uthshobe Bashundhara” comes with new amazement in every episode. To attend in one episode of the program, the popular style icon SharminLaki and icon of Pop music, Mahrin have come to the Fair. With the attire of saree of purple color make her entry to the fair more gorgeous and her fans have become the luckiest taking selfies with her. “The concept of this program is amazing!” she said, “It never happened in Bangladesh before. The concept is sharing with the public live during the program which is mind blowing. I would like to give thanks to Bashundhara group, Diamond World, and Channel I and program manager Raju Alam for such tremendous concept.”After that she has visited the stalls and wonderful collections with the host. After departing of Sharmin Lucky, Pop icon Mahrin has had a gorgeous entrance which has re-charmed the Fair. She has looked super stylish with her as usual western attire. Her fans become craze taking selfie with her. After taking selfies, she has come to the set of the program whit ShubornaNaoadir and shared her life-style, her food habits and fashions. She said, “Its lovely to be here. I never attended this type of shows before. Besides, taking selfie fans and talking to them lively is an amazing thing. I am really enjoying it.” After that she has visited the fair and the show rooms with the host. Famous singer fahamidaNabi and top most beauty expert Kaniz Almas visit the Fair to attend another episode of the program as a guest.

Channel I to arrange such program. They said, “Many more public based programs must be arranged with the cooperation of the corporate organizations and televisions”. They insist the cooperators to arrange this type of program almost every year.” Thus with the attendance of popular celebrities the South AshianFasion and Life Fest and Diamond World Uthshobe Bashundhara are being enlightened and audience of the whole world of Channel I can observe this enlightenment. However, T.I. M Latiful Hossain, the senior advisor of the chairman of Bashundhara Group said, “every year Bashudhara group tries to give surprise to the people of Bangladesh and this Fair fest and the program of Channel I is one of the parts of it dedicated to the audience.” “we are getting enormous responses from the audience”, he added. M.M. Jashim Uddin, the head of operations of Bashundhara group said, “We arranged the Fair fest with the thought of all type of customers and also arrange the television program related to this fair and Eid shopping. I think, this program is quite different as well as special.”Raju Alim, the Program Manager of Channel I said, “Every year many programs related to Eid shopping have been telecasted. Among these I have tried to edify a better one. However, only audience can grade the quality of this show. But after observing the feedback of the audience it seems they like the show which is great to hear. I hope we can grasp this love till the end of our show.”



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