Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed-Executive Director Brandwin Group of Companies Limited


Brandwin Group was established in the year 2000. Over the years, the group has become one of the leading industrial and commercial group of companies in Bangladesh.

Brandwin Group is stepping ahead with adding Agro-Based Industries, Electronics and Home Appliance Industry, Auto Bricks, Ceramic, Food and Beverage Industries etc. The group is also involved in Real Estate and Housing Development under the name of Richmond Properties Ltd. The group has been in the infrastructure development industry for last 10 years under the name of Infratech Construction Company Ltd.

They are directly involved in the socio – economic development of the country by creating employment opportunities, through setting up different industries on various sector; eventually emerged as leading Group of Companies. The company is still continuing its journey of growth, diversity and achievement. This has been made possible by the strong leadership of the capable management and dedicated team spirit of skilled manpower. Recently The Pages had the opportunity to talk Mr. Fakaruddin Ahmed, Executive Director of Brandwin Group of Companies Limited regarding the company’s vision and his professional and personal life.

The Pages: How can we overcome the present adversity that the Housing industry is facing?


Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed: Actually, I don’t completely agree with the fact that housing industry is facing adversity. I think we are in a quite good position in comparison with the recession of worldwide housing industry.

The tough period that we passed are not seen in another countries. The present market is quite normal and can be stated as spontaneous. Earlier, we passed a phase when there was numerous customers but the number of product was very few then. The supply of the product of was really very few in comparison with the huge demand which caused abrupt rising in the price. But now, the number of both the customer and products have increased. Now customers are getting more benefited than earlier. At present they have the scope to verify and bargain the quantity and the quality of the product. If we compare with the world market, the present condition is quite normal and stable. Now there is a limitation in the demand and the price is also in control. Now customers are having many facilities while buying. This is the normal condition which was abrupt earlier though. Otherwise, there were no reason to see such increase in the price of flat or apartment. We experienced that, the cost for flat or apartment was too high in comparison to the price of land’s cost. But now the scenery is quite changed and developed and customers are getting the profit. The adversity that you mentioned has been overcome.

The Pages: Do you have any plans for the customer? Are you planning anything to offer the customers for the upcoming Eid?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:Not offers actually, but yes, we have plans for our customers.  We identified some issues from the discussion with many housing society employees. We got some ideas from them regarding how to ensure flat or apartment for middle class family and we have focused on those issues. We are planning to create scope so that people from middle class family can buy their own flat. Just by paying a little amount of down payment of the average home rent they pay they can now plan

They will get their property just after fulfilling the 50 % of the total amount. We have seen that people who are working in private sectors faces very tough situation after their retirement as most of them don’t receive any facilities. So, to secure their roof over head we are moving on according to our plans. We hope that the easy process will be able to secure the middle class family’s accommodation then in Dhaka so that they don’t need to move back to their village again.

The Pages:You have worked on and been related to so many projects. Among those, which one do you think is most successful?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:For nearly 10 years, Infratech Construction Company Ltd. has been working to achieve a shared vision: Excellence in construction and infrastructure development. This commitment is the highest responsibility that all the members embrace, who are involved with this unit. Our vast construction experience spans in small to large scale civil, engineering and electrical construction, consultancies of design & drawings, real estate and commercial markets. The unit is backed by solid engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technologies as well as disciplined management methods and system. We provide best design and construction solutions to our clients, solutions that are delivered on time, on budget and on a goal basis.Infratech Construction Company Limited excels in the successful completion of highly technical projects in a variety of challenging environments throughout the Bangladesh. That’s why I think all of our project are quite flourishing. Among them Meghna- Gomoti bridge project is really a significant one.


The Pages: Please tell us something about your personal life that we don’t know yet.

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:My family includes my wife, two children and my parents. My wife is fulfilling her responsibility as a senior teacher at Holy Cross School. My elder daughter is a student of class 7 and the younger one is at class 4 and both of them are student of Holy Cross School. I have passed my childhood at the capital. I have finished my HSC from Government Science College, completed my graduation from Tejgaon College and MBA from Asian University. Then I continued my further learning of many other professional courses from various institute.  Actually I believe that academic learning teaches us that how to walk in the path of your career. But it’s up to you that which path you will choose to walk on and how you will reach to your destination.




The Pages:What do you think about the new generation?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed: I would like to add some important fact about the new generations. At present there is the example of many student who cut of their attachment with learning study continuously after completing graduation or masters. They had a tendency to not continue learning after their graduation only because they become busy to search for a job or other plans. And thus after sometime he/ she found themselves in a confusing situation and lost the qualities to cope with the updated world. In that case we need to remember that the world is updating every day. There is a spontaneous change taking place in the world of technology and learning every minutes. If you don’t try to learn and keep yourself attached with that updating process then you will become backdated. We need to remember that nobody can reach or attain his/ her dream only by nepotism. It’s not practical anyway that without qualification and quality someone will make you CEO. To own any position at first you need to make yourself capable first. SO to achieve your goal you need to be careful that your experience meet proper learning and updated knowledge of technology. So, to achieve the desired position you need to have 3 basic things. First one is capability, 2nd thing is honesty and the last important thing is that you have to be result oriented. And also there is no place of personal emotion in the workplace. Whatever the situation may be is, try to give your hundred percent. Along with that, professional knowledge need to be developed on continuous basis. For example I would like to mention that, if I did not complete the professional courses on my job related sector, then I would not have the capability to understand the process from the beginning to the end properly. But now I know that on which stage what may cause, on which point there will be the shortage of budget or on which point the target will hit the bar etc. I can keep running the project on that basis. So having lessons from professional courses really matters. If someone can’t attend or manage time to join any courses then they can at least they can take support of online to study and have professional ideas.

The Pages:Would you like to suggest or advise something to the upcoming generations?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:The upcoming generation already have expand knowledge in technology undoubtedly, but they need to learn professionalism and need to be result oriented. They need to understand the importance of time boundary. I feel that they have a tendency to act with a carefree attitude. But in order to make result out of any project, time boundary, result oriented decision, commitment all these really matters a lot. Moreover, to cope up internationally, they need have practical knowledge too. Only bookish ideas can’t hold your position very long. Otherwise it become very tough to cope up. On addition to that they need to have addictive computer literacy. I am saying it because, in world market, everything whether any exams, any project or anything man’s work are based on computer. We have seen that, many of our juniors have the capability in them but they can’t expose it in world market because of lack of computer literacy. So, to have a great computer and technological literacy, being careful about commitment matters a lot.

Here I would like to point out on some common scenario. Every year loads of graduated students are coming out from university. Suppose, a batch of hundred graduated student have come out from university. Among them only three or four reaches to the top position in job market. Then 50 of them started dreaming for a happy family life but they don’t take actions as per their dream and achieve an average level. They forget that, without money, you can’t make a happy family. And the rest of other started believing that, there is no scope in our country. They try for foreign countries to do something of their career. But In reality, Bangladesh is the place where there is loads of opportunity to showcase your capability and to achieve something.  I don’t understand why people think so that there is not enough opportunity to establish someone’s career here. It’s their own country. They have took birth here, grown up, passed their whole life here. So how they can’t think of doing something here. They need to feel that the country has provided so much, so its time for them to contribute something, right! If someone is not able to do something in his/ her own country, then I don’t think he will be able to do anywhere else. To build own career and along with that to contribute for own country is undoubtedly a matter of great pride. To be a part of the development of own country is very meaningful and inspiring.

The Pages: What is your plan regarding the upcoming Eid?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:Actually, our profession keeps up too busy for the whole year. So, the plan is spend the whole Eid day with friends and family. My daughters become very happy when I pass time with them. So, that will be my main concern to spend some relaxing quality time with them.  Beside that I try to do something for the poor and indigent people so that they can enjoy the joy of Eid day too. We have seen the life of laborpeople, their continuous fight for living hood. So, I try to do as much as I can for them during the special Eid occasion.

The Pages: Do you miss your friend?Have you felt nostalgic reminding your young hood?

Md. Fakaruddin Ahmed:Yes, I miss my friends a lot. I do recall my old days with my friends and family. Actually, one of the disadvantage of my professional life is that we don’t get the chance to meet friends and family that much. The workload is always so high and the pressure is always on. Most of friend lives around the same area. Many times we have to pass nearby their houses but unfortunately we hardly get any time to meet like before.




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