Bkash Aarong Eid Bazar


What is the fashion trend in this Eid-ul-fitr? Where will you find your choice able and qualitative dress? Which dress and cosmetic will suit you? You will find all through the matter in the most popular TV show ‘Bkash Aarong Eid Bazar’ broadcast in Channel-i. This popular show is hosted by Shuborna Naoadir and planed and directed by Raju Alim, program manager Channel-i. From the 1st Ramadan, this program is broadcast and becomes gradually very populous to the audience. Specially, its outdoor shooting at famous and exclusive shopping mall, out let attracts the consumers. The Eid Bazar team always focuses all exclusive news. Elina Shammi is the out casting reporter of Bkash Aarong Eid Bazar. She delivers all updated fashion news collecting from Aarong, Bata, Yellow, Grameen Uniclo, Shopno, Meena Bazar, Prince Bazar, Menz Club, Jhuma Fashion House, KZ International, Irani Borka House, Celebration, Reloos, Nogordola, Rong Bangladesh, Shelai Ghor, Sinha Trade, Style World Collection, Moyur Craft Bangladesh, Ambar Lifestyle, Bang, Gazed Gang Seven and so on. From all above the outlets or showrooms if anyone buys 16000 BTD by Bikash, they will get 20% cash back on their payment. All Bikash consumers can enjoy this offer for buying 61 branded products from 647 outlets all over the country. Beginning from the 1st Ramadan, this offer will be continued till Eid day and no additional charge will be deducted. Bikash Aarong Eid Bazar is providing all these information and update news to the audience through their popular program. Kamal Kader (CEO of Bikash) says about this program, ‘After broadcasting of Bikash Aarong Eid Bazar, we have got a good response from the consumers. They get the offer of 20% discount for buying selected outlets or showrooms. If anyone buys 16000 BTD by Bikash, they will get 20% cash back on their payment. The special side of this program is the host always delivers consumers demand by roaming in the market.’

Director Raju Alim says, ‘Sponsor is a great factor for Eid Special Program but we are lucky enough to get sponsor from Bikash and Aarong. We like to thank specially from Channl-i. Our arrangement is succeeded for their sponsorship. Audience response is a great inspiration for the team of Bikash Aarong Eid Bazar.’


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