Aci Foundation Limited Donated 8.74 Million for Dhaka University Area Beautification


ACI Foundation Limited has recently donated Tk 8.74 million to Dhaka University (DU) for renovation of historical structures and beautification of the Arts building and its nearby area. Chairman of ACI Foundation Limited Anis-ud-Dowla, , Dhaka University’s former student of Physics Dept. handed over the check of donation to Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor, in a program at Professor’s Lounge on Tuesday (14 June, 2016).

Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam, dean of the Faculty of Business Studies, Dr. ArifDowla, managing director of ACI Foundation Limited and chairmen of various departments of Arts faculty, SushmitaAnis, Managing Director of CI Formulation Limited, Raju Alim, Program Manager of Channel I were  also present at the program.

Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor said that the given donation will be used for repairing and beautifying arts Building and adjacent different historical structures and nearby area like Aparajeyo Bangla and Bottola.  With the donated money we have already started working on to modernize, decorate and beautify those areas. There will be an open space with elevated platform and an elevated and exterior walkway with seating arrangements. Colorful lighting will also be set up at the base of Aparajeyo Bangla area. He added “Mr. Anis-ud-Dowla continuously donating and supporting to different departments of DU including Science Dept. Biological Sciences Dept. Business studies Department etc. On behalf of Dhaka University, we would like to thank him for his great cooperation and support. “Mr. Anis-ud-Dowla may belong to the student of Physics Department but it’s not he is only interested to science department.  His support, contribution and cooperation has been continued in other departments development sectors too. We have seen many students worldwide who work for their own universities. But the trend is not practiced in our country that much. So, thegreat contribution of Mr. Anis-ud-Dowlawill be an inspiring example for other students too.”

He recalled his memory saying “I was a student of Dhaka University from 1952 to 1957. I used to stay at FazlulHaque Muslim Hall. At that time the language movement was at its peak. Every March there demonstration used to take place. We used to give slogan and organize many movement, rally and campaign throughout the whole month of February. There were four domes around the hall. The dome that was situated at the East side was very slippery. That dome can be seen from the road and was too high to reach by oneself. Among my other friends I was a bit more athletic. So with the help of my friends I somehow managed to reach on the top. There I flown the black flags and then police came but as the dome was very high they did not take the risk to reach there. So they started firing and torn that black flag. Many memories and incidents of our great language movements like that makes me sentimental still now.”


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