Obama, Zuckerberg talks on entrepreneurship at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016


U.S. President Barack Obama talks about entrepreneurship with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Stanford, California on June 24. Both President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg used their vast influence to tout entrepreneurship at a part of 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) at Stanford University. There President Obama discussed how to empower people around the world to foster the kind of innovation characteristic of places like Stanford and the Silicon Valley.

The leader of the free world and the creator of the biggest social network appeared at a panel discussion with three entrepreneurs at the 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit. For three days on campus, GES 2016 brought together more than 700 entrepreneurs and 300 investors from 170 countries and territories. It was an opportunity for innovators around the world to build the kind of networks that will allow them to succeed.

As Obama has in the past when the two have met, in a bow to Zuckerberg’s signature jeans, hoodie and T-shirt, removed his suit jacket and settled in before launching into a conversation featuring his own signature folksy style. They were joined by three young entrepreneurs from Egypt, Rwanda and Peru at Memorial Auditorium, who represented the faces of diversity the summit seeks to promote.

Obama has been touting entrepreneurship as a way to grow the economy. Earlier this week, the administration unveiled a plan called Tech Inclusion Pledge by high-profile companies, including Airbnb and Lyft, to improve diversity. In his remarks, Obama said, “Dozens of top tech companies are committing to make their technology workforces look like America.” Obama praised tech companies’ efforts to improve diversity in their workforces and called for governments around the world to embrace openness and transparency today at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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Obama said that “In today’s world, where our economies have undergone dramatic shifts, where business don’t stop at borders, where technology and automation have transformed virtually every industry and changed how people organize and work, entrepreneurship remains the engine of growth. ” He said, entrepreneurship is what gives people a chance to fulfill dreams and create something bigger.

While Zuckerberg said that “To me, entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just creating companies. And the most effective entrepreneurs who I’ve met care deeply about some mission and some change that they’re trying to create. And often they don’t even start because they’re trying to create a company.”


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