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‘TothoProjukti o Bangladesh’ or ICT and Bangladeh is a popular program in BTV and BTV World. This program is broadcasted regularly and their main focus on Development and Possibilities of ICT in present Bangladesh. This program is edited and planned by Raju Alim, program manager of Channel I and hosted by famous ICT personality Mostafa Zabbar and corporate personality Rubaba Doula. Recently Mr. M E Chowdhury Shamim (Chief executive of NRB bicell.com) and Mr. ShahedAlam (Vice President of Robi Axiata Bangladesh Ltd.) had come as guest. Mr. Reza Khan has written their interview.

Question: Recently a Global E-Commerce Platform has been inaugurated namely NRB bicell.com and the targeted people are non residential Bangladeshi. Please say something about this.

M E Chowdhury Shamim:At first we should clear to the people that how the program is first Global E-Commerce Portal. For the first time we are the first Portal who deliver in about 220 countries and the territory area. Rest of the portals is working locally. Some foreign Portal has also come in our country. They are also working here. Our delivery partner is Fed-ex. They goes whole world and in the territory. About 15 million people live in abroad. They want to buy Bangladeshi product but some people couldn’t buy because it may be there is no show room or out let in that country. Somebody buy giving much money. We have a site for our product in our portal. Merchant Account ensures the delivery and all kind of maintenances.

Question: Have you established delivery channel in abroad?

M E Chowdhury Shamim: Mainly it will be delivered from Bangladesh. I already told that the Fed-ex is our global delivery partner and our local delivery partners are Shundarbon and SA Paribahan.

Question: Now approximate 130 million people are using mobile phone. The expansion of Telecom sector is going to be sloth. We are attracted in data using rather voice call. 3G has been expanded all over the country. 4G is working. How do you see this expansion?

ShahedAlam:Once we were in 2G but now in 3G. We have developed our total infrastructure in 3G system in 2013. This is not for the last. Now we are developing the system for 4G. Gradually in over all sector our uses has increased. This is now 400-450 terabit. This use is huge.

Question: Consumers are aware about content applications. What do you think?

ShahedAlam:Those people never have used internet, they are using. In this sector, smart phone is performing a great role. More people are using smart phone than feature phone. So, content applications are increasing day after day.

Question: Still much people are not using E-Commerce. Here education is a matter. Mr. M E Chowdhury Shamim, would you say that how could we aware people about E-Commerce?

M E Chowdhury Shamim: Very few people use online and E-Commerce, so depending on this using this portal much is not possible. Rather local and foreign about a thousand online portals are working for the Bangladeshi. Selling rate is very low. Those who are selling, they deliver the product at home and then receive money. This is a problem. So, we have targeted non residence Bangladeshi.

Question: Those who are producing in the country, if they open a merchant account in abroad will they get a placement?

M E Chowdhury Shamim: If anyone makes some handicrafts, he/she will not get the chance to sell in online. He/she doesn’t know E-Commerce. He/she couldn’t add here but if we add in our portal they could show their product and sell.

Question: Data services are expanding. How long the 4G will come, would you say?

ShahedAlam:In developing 3G infrastructure, we have developed (more or less every company) our system parallel. 3G phase has not over. So, 4G has not come. Who will be the consumer for 4G? Have their 4G device? For this purpose, mobile phone is a factor.

Question: Is it possible to decrease the value of smart phone at the level of feature phone?

M E Chowdhury Shamim: If the values become available we could go to the 4G rapidly. We hope in 2018-19 there will be a sufficient number of devices and we could use 4G. Previously, a feature phone was about in 5/6 thousand but with the same money smart phone is available now. This rate will decrease more.

Question: We have heard that the first merge telecom company is going to be Airtel and Robi. If they merge, what benefits will get the consumer?

ShahedAlam: If we could merge our tower, mostly we will get environmental benefits. Our country is very small. Our space is short. For every site we use generator random. If we merge, we could save our energy and electricity. In some places Robi network is weak and in some places Airtel is weak, our users will get the proper networking benefits.

Question: Mr. M E Chowdhury Shamim there is another question to you. Our E-Commerce Services is now in B2C level. Can we moderate it into B2B level?

M E Chowdhury Shamim: Basically our concept is very big. In a place, we have told for the Merchant Account. There will be their product. All over the world, there live Bengali. In Europe and America, they waste their old goods but there is a site for them. They could donate their uses product here or if they sell their product they also could use our portal. These sites are totally free. We want to do something on our own feet not jointly.

Question: Bio-metric registration has been over successfully. Recently our state minister ensured that mobile portability is coming. Would you say something?

ShahedAlam:As you are a Grameen Phone operator, you can go to the Robi, Banglalink or any other operator. If you think the operator services are good or better you may change but your number will remain same. MEP license processing is ongoing next March or in April it will be continued.


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