Shwapnil Shojib- Making The New Era Of Rabindra Sangeet


Swapnil Shajib aspired to become a Rabindra Sangeet singer from a young age. Her mother used to help her in her rehearsals and she accompanied her on the harmonium and started practicing mostly Rabindra songs. He has learned singing from Rejwana Choudhury Bonna, Chhayanaut, Kolkata and in this shortlife time he has performed with many famous singers. In spite of being the youngest in the show, she defeated the winners and participants of various shows and received the award. He was hugely applauded in all of his show for her flawless and rocking performances, which helped him to  team to the finals.  Recently the Pages had an interview with this talented young singer.

When did you realize that you want to be a singer?

Actually I never thought or planned to be a singer before. But yes, the atmosphere where I was brought up was very cultural minded. I used to live in my grandfather’s (maternal) house and all my aunts and my mother used to practice singing. My grandfather himself was a poet and used to practice cultural activities. So, that actually created an impact on me and I used to sing playfully and feel interested in singing. Then I started taking parts in some national levels competition. There I won gold medal twice and in another Rabindra Sangeet Convention, organized by Chhayanaut I opted first position thrice. And last in 2012, I earned the position among finalists in Channel I’s popular program “NoboGaaneNoboPrane”. And after that, I realized that I should take singing seriously and started my journey as a singer.


What’s one of your favorite memories related to singing?

My favorite memory was when I performed with Shreya Ghoshalon same platform and same program last Year. I went at Huston to perform at North American Bengali Conference (NABC 2015) and there I met her. She inspired me and said that the program will be good for sure as she was the next performer to me. She talked to me in Bengali and wished me. So, that was really an overwhelming experience for me.


What is your favorite part about being a singer?

To me, what I enjoy most about being a singer is to perform in front of my audience. I feel that communication that really made me happy.  I easily understand their responses whether it is good or bad. That makes me more enthusiastic towards singing. As a singer, I have to perform in TV and recording studio, still what I like most is to perform in front of the audience.

Is there somebody who has been an inspiration to you throughout your career?

My aunt Lutfunnahar Lota has been the major inspiration behind my attraction towards singing. Her singing, her performance inspired me a lot. Moreover my mother Sheema Sultana has also been very supportive in all of my decision. Still now, she supports me whether I went for any program abroad or went to perform in any show or its about the release of my program, her mental support has always been there. Moreover, my Brother Samiul Islam has also been very caring to me, always.


Can you name your most favorite singer?

I love the singing of LataMangeshkar and Shreya Ghosal most. And among the Bangladeshi singer, Runa Laila and Srikanth Acharya are my most favourite. I really admire them a lot.


What do you consider your “big break” when it comes to your career?

I debuted in TV with Channel I’s signing competition show “NoboGaaneNoboPrane” in 2012. Then I get the chance to launch my very first Rabindra Sangeet Album under the banner of GSeries. Both of these achievement made me confident to take my singing career seriously. Then I also got Babisas Award and Shako Award and from Kolkata I win another award as a “ SreshthoNobinRabindraShilpi” from Rabindra Bengal Foundation. So, to me all these achievements supported me a lot and I consider these very special to me.


If you weren’t a singer you would be…

Umm… If I were not a singer, thn I would be a businessman for sure. After entering into singing career, I realized that, whether it is singing or dancing, to practice any art form, financing is very important and in many cases it becomes important to have financial support. So, that’s why I think that if I were not a singer, I would be a businessman and would have supported different forms of art.


What advice would you have for an aspiring singer?

To me, I think practice, respect for other singers and obviously the love for singing is must. At present, the young generation sometimes seem to not respect other’s contribution. But to be a good singer, being respectful to other’s achievement is very important. Then, to present one’s talent in the right way also matters. Without giving any effort one can’t become a good singer, especially at present it is quite impossible.

Tell us something about your future plans.

I am very hopeful that, Bangladeshi singing industry will appear as a strong participant in front of the worldvery soon. It will achieve a great height very soon. Moreover I have a plan to open a school very soon for the unprivileged children who are interested in singing and wish to support them as much as I can. And yes, to continue singing and gift my audience some good singing experience has always been my main importance.


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