Monsoon Make-Up Manual


Makeup tips to keep you stylish in the random rainy season

There has been many times in monsoon season, when we all plan to go out for class or office or to enjoy a nice, outdoor activity in sunny daybut suddenly it rains and all our plans and preparations get spoiled. You wait a while to see if the rain will stop, but, when it doesn’t, you become bound to except that or cancel the outing or you reluctantly call up your friends to tell them that plans are cancelled, and you lie on your bed stuck at home the whole day.It’s all because you always fear that rain can melt and spoil your makeup or hair style.Sounds terrible, right?With the upcoming monsoon season, this scenario seems very likely to occur for many of us. However, we are here to tell you that this need not be the case.Monsoon season is looming, and that means making a few changes to what we pack in our handbag; an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella, some portable hair straighteners and a whole new set of monsoon makeup.Seasonal make up tips is important to suite your skin type during the particular season. But, if you can apply some tips on make up for monsoon season, you can look dazzling and beautiful even in this particular season.If you wish to avoid your make up washing away with water then all you need to do is just maintain the following tips and be modish in the unpredictable monsoon.



No to smudging kajol: Avoid black kohl liner, because it smudges very easily, making you look very obscure. Even liquid eyeliners are a complete NO in this monsoon season. Gel or cream eyeliners are the best. Gel eyeliners will stay long and doesn’t get fade. Even if you will wipe your face then too the eyeliner will be on your eyes.


Oil- based foundation:Avoid water-based foundations as they are the first to melt in contact with water. Oil-based foundations are water-resistant and grease foundations, while heavy, are almost waterproof. To make it lasts longer you need to blend it very well. Try to apply thin layers and then buff them very smoothly because major part of your make up consistency is based on the way you have set your foundation.

Eye beautification: Waterproof cream eye shadows set on the skin within 30 seconds of application, so blend them out really fast (synchronized swimmers use them). Makeup forever has a line called Aqua Cream, which works well for cheeks and lips, too.

Lighter Base is more comfortable:It will be good if you keep your makeup base lighter so that your skin can breathe and does not sweat too much. Humid weather makes the skin sweat more and the base makeup is also likely to get patchy therefore keeping the base makeup light is appropriate. Light water based foundations and light BB creams are best in this monsoon season.

Use primer:Primer will help prevent that tinted moisturizer we mentioned earlier, from melting off. That’s definitely one of the best things about Primer.

Blush: Rather than using powder blushes, you can use cream blushes. If you want some extra color then apply a layer of powder blush over the cream blush so that it will last longer and stays much longer on your cheeks to give a glow and color to your face. Remember, cream blush is a great alternative during the monsoon spell. Pick the right shade, wear it and watch as it sticks with you like a best friend.

Mascara: This is the season when you need to spend money on waterproof Mascara to save you from lots of awkwardness.Mascara should be a strict NO-NO during rainy season, until and unless it is very much necessary. Select water resistant mascaras that will at least stay for a while without getting smudged when wet.

Matte Lipsticks:Monsoon is the time when you need to say goodbye to your favorite lip gloss and embrace the matte waterproof lipsticks. You should wear those long lasting lipsticks that stay for a longer period of time. You can also apply lipstick over a non-oily lip balm to help it stay longer. Just make sure that you are not using lipsticks which bleed in summers and rainy season.

Easy hairstyle preferred:Keep your hairstyles simple and easy. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage and redo and limp damp hair do not look good with them. You may use bangs and layered hairstyles instead. A high-volume up do or ponytail just won’t last in the drizzle, unless you’re adding some seriously formidable product to go with it. Spritz a texturizing spray to give hair weight and, well, texture, which will prevent it from falling flat, before back-combing at the crown. Use alsocrisscrossing two bobby pins at the base of your tease to keep volume high.

Love neon color: As neon shades are making their mark in the fashion circuit, they will be a hit during monsoon season too. Different bright shades of red, orange and pink are some of the most popular shades these days. You can use these bright colors to make your monsoon more stylish.

Use of sunglass and umbrella: You must wonder that why to use sunglass in rainy day! Actually an umbrella and fun colorful rain boots are needed for additional protective gear to stay dry while maintaining your look. Wear a big pair of sunglasses — even though it’s cloudy — because exposure to extreme wind, rain and even snow can do major damage to your eye makeup.

Make-up setting spray: Seal your look with a make-up setting spray. Use something like Urban Decay all-nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Keeping a check on temperatures, it features patented Temperature Control Technology that lowers the temperature of the make-up keeping foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer in place. Even if you apply permanent makeup, it will fade away by time. So, to make it last longer, avoid any exfoliation over the makeup area.


It is important to keep one’s make-up safe from humidity and dampness to boost your confidence.So, apply these make up tips and say goodbye to messy makeup days.


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