Sojib Wazed Joy- The pioneer founder of Digital Bangladesh


Information and Technology

SojibWazed Joy is the pioneer founder of Digital Bangladesh. All over the world, he is now very much famous to the young for his Digital Vision. He is the son of greatnuclear scientist Dr. Wazed Ali Miah and Sheikh Hasina, the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the grand child of our great leader Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At present he has his own identity as an IT specialist. However he has the throne in the heart of young generation of Bangladesh as well as Bangladeshi living in abroad. Our youth is dreaming in the eye of Joy. Through his bold leadership we will get rid of economy, politics and so on.

Young Global Leader

Wazed attended boarding school in India, including St. Joseph’s College inNainital and Kodaikanal International School in Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu. He studied computer science at the University of Bangalore; then transferred to The University of Texas at Arlington in the United States, where he graduated with a B.Sc. in computer engineering. Subsequently, Wazed attended the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University, where he completed his Masters in Public Administration.Wazed was listed by the World Economic Forumas one of its Young Global Leaders. Wazed is also a lobbyist and columnist on behalf of the Bangladeshi government.In August 1975, his grandparents and uncles were assassinated during a military coup in Bangladesh; he and his mother, father and aunt survived as they were visiting West Germany. They were barred by the military regime from entering the country until 1981. After a long period of 20 years Bangladesh Awami League come to the power and SajibWazed Joy gets the chance of changing Bangladesh through Digitalization. By this time he goes to the outside of everyone’s sight and works for the Digital Bangladesh.

Submarine Cable in Bangladesh

SajibWazed Joy has taken the first initiative to add Bangladesh with submarine cable and by this Bangladesh gets a new arch. Through this communication and connectivity every people of Bangladesh has got the world in their hand. Today Bangladeshi people are using mobile and internet this could not happen if Joy did not take the first initiative for the submarine cable in Bangladesh. Now people are getting mobile phone in very cheap but in 2001 his initiative becomes failure. In this time Bangladesh Awami League defeated in National Election. They remain behind for seven years from 2001-2008.


Declaration of Digital Bangladesh

SajibWazed Joy has taken ‘Change the day’ as the prime issue in their manifesto when he becomes the advisor of his mother Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh Awami League gets the support from the young voters and they get huge mended to organize their Government and Joy gets the chance to digitalize Bangladesh again. SajibWajed Joy does not waste his time. He devotes himself for building new Bangladesh and as a result we get Digital Bangladesh. We see a radical change in our country that no one thought before. Our honorable Prime Minister said in her speech that she had learnt computer from his son SajibWazed Joy and the word Digital first from him.

The professional IT expert SajibWazed Joy is now the ICT Advisor of Bangladesh Prime Minister. He has joined last 17th November. Previously he was the ICT advisor of The President of Bangladesh Awami League but now he is the advisor of Bangladesh Prime Minister. Prime Minister says more that after 1996 when we were in Power for the first time our IT businessmen imported computer for VAT free and it was his idea.

1 Lac Wifi Zone in Bangladesh

Recently in Bangladesh there has been 1 Lac wifi zone. Through this wifi zone Bangladesh is getting advanced forth. Rural people is using internet through this wifi connection. They are being served in many sectors mostly in Agriculture. They get many advices, information and Agricultural materials news through this media. Teachers and students are using this for the development of their education. Previously we have a problem in tendering but it is now very easy and clear system for the blessings of internet. Through internet anyone can bid from anywhere. For developing IT in Bangladesh many young people has got the opportunity to earn a lot without any official job. Many of our youth are earning from outsourcing.



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