Winter Clothing Trend


Winter is fading away with the nature. Winter is knocking at the door, only a month away. Blossom wind is already in the air, with grass covered with dew drops at early morning. According to weather forecast, winter already hit all over Bangladesh , especially in north Bengal of Bangladesh seriously . Welcome is already given to winter. The rush is started for winter clothing. People started buying from different fashion house, some going for tailor, for their own taste. There has been variation in winter clothing, this time around. Young people looks around for new trend, with comfortable clothing. They wants to represent themselves, in their own way. Clothing for male includes sweater,shal ,suits, blazer, and jackets. Jacket is the most popular of them all. There are some local brand and foreign as well, selling these winter clothing. These are made of denim, wool, canvas, cord, leather and rexin. Leather, rexin and canvas are most highly in demand choices. All types of jackets are made with zipper, patchwork, embroidery, aprick, metan and button. Hoody have also became a trend in winter. Customers demand denim, for its wash effects. Denim becomes more attractive after wisker wash, scrapping, scent blast, bleach and acid wash. Beside print, emboss, aprick, sticker and cut-work are also added. Demand for sweater has not rise much comparatively. Mix style sweater are in demand at the moment. Zipper, button, aprick and hood are added to sweater for making it more attractive.

For the corporate people, suits and blazers are the real deal. Colour of this clothing are very important here, like black, dark ash and cream, most corporate people preferred Black . Black is elegant and iconish. Different design stripes have become quite popular now. Body structure is a deciding factor for choice. Short people are more suited with stripes suits. While Tall person are well suited with single colour suits. Both design are well suited to average height people. Heavy person can choose two button suits. Three button are more suited to average weight and slim personal. Women’s clothing are big part of fashion. Everyone try to present themselves, in their own way with new trend. Sweater is the most chosen among cardigan, jacket, long coat, sweater and blazer. There has been a lot of variations among these sweater now. These sweater looks similar to thin and thick fabric long tops, looks eye catching. These sweater comes in different colour, in different cutting edge and design.  These sweater comes in with short sleeve, half sleeve with zipper and button on front are well demanded. Sweater are well suited with casual environment. Beautiful lady looks more attractive with well fitted sweater. But, sweater should be worn with age, profession and skin tone keeping in mind. Different stylish sweater are made for young girls, which are high in price. Over flip are used in these sweater, which can be used as scarf as well. Shaal is one of the most important winter clothing. Which diminishes winter as well as trendy. Shaal is our cultural winter wear. Once, this was worn by high society people, politician and landlord. Day by day, it’s use has only increased. Now, It made a different statement in our modern trend and culture now. These shaal are made from well fabric. Among the “Bengali Shaal,” “KhadiShaal” is the most popular. Pashmini, cotton, viscon, khondor, etc. are among the popular shaal. These shaal are decorated with different swing, print, block, batik and glitter. Even some of the fashion house create print human art and writings from famous author.

Shaal are well suited with sari, salowar kamiz, top pant or anything at every places, indoor and outdoor. It is also used instead of orna. It is also well suited with the western dress as well. Now a days, Men are also using shaal with their t-shirt, shirt, jeans and panjabi. They are  well suited as well. Young children are also equipped with many new collection of clothes. Various design and bright colors are used in child clothing. Young children winter clothing includes sweater, jacket, waistcoat, blazer, pullover, cardigan, etc. Sweater are the most liked for children due to its comfort and trendy. Various embroidery, cut-work, button and zipper are added for more attractive look. The sun-bathed fields and farms look as serene as though they were flooded by … You can taste a variety of Bangladeshi spicy food, sweets, seasonal winter cakes … The festival has been projected in different locations including parks , tea garden  , sea beach and rural area .



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