Farzana Malik An inspiration towards Success by Tauhidul Islam Apu


Farzana Malik, the founder of prestigious boutique house Poppy’s Collection, is another name of gem who have worked very hard to fulfill her dreams in her own way. She belongs to those great personalities whose strong determination and self-starter mentality make her another great example of famous entrepreneur. Behind fulfilling the responsibilities of Chairperson in Shams Knitting And Sweater Ind. Ltd, she has been a regular contributor to various social activities and now she is being engaged with – Chittagong Club Ltd as an AP Member- Spouse Member at Bhatiary Golf Club and – Honorable Member of Designer’s Forum. She is the director of City Sweater International Ltd,KMZ Enterprise Ltd and Sazia Enterprise Ltd.


The market is fully saturated with imported item. We are trying our best to work with our heritage and blending our product with latest trends.

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Fashion has always been a passion for me and that lead me to do some work in this sector.

The Pages: To begin with, can you speak a little bit about yourself? How did you start your journey as a Professional?

After completion of my C.A. article ship at renowned firm Rahman Rahman Huq , my son born in that same year. I thought of giving my family a priority and didn’t want myself to get involved in any 9 to 5 everyday work. So I decided later to get myself doing some work in my family business. It’s an export oriented business and there are so many sector to work but I chose to work with the corresponding side. Fashion hasalways been a passion for me and that lead me to do  some work in that section. At first I started making dresses for my family and friends. Now over the years it expanded with other than only family and friends.

The Pages:  We have seen you performing in different roles- Corporate Top management, owner SME business woman over time. Which one do you prefer most? When you love your work you cannot chose one. I live in present, tries to perform better every time. Who does not like freedom! I like to work in SME business sectorbecause it’s the right place where I can connect directly with the entire root level working woman.

The Pages: What are the biggest challenges as Owner, poppy’s Collection faces today?

The market is fully saturated with imported item. We are trying our best to work with our heritage and blending our product with latest trends. It is a challenge for all of us who works in this site.

The Pages: Do you think the Boutique Fashion House sector  has become saturated enough already and left no more room for a new player?

There is always an empty space, new people with new ideas are always coming ahead with their works.

The Pages: You are an icon in a country in which Women don’t receive enough freedom and respect. How do you feel about those women who want to work, but society/ family won’t permit them?

Even in west women are still raising hands for their equal right , in that prospect, being in a developing country, our women are equally working beside men and garments sector are proof of that.

The Pages: Balancing between work and family is a common problem faced by many women. How you have managed your work and family? Was there any priority?

Being a woman is blessings from Allah. We may be broken from our heart yet we retain a beautiful smile on our face, that’s the womanhood. We are not only promised to 9 to 5 duties but also promised to fulfill our responsibilities with love, and care for dawn to dusk. Happy womanhood. I still love whoever I am.

The Pages: What inspires you today?

Woman are holding top most position in every sector.For example, our country is running by a woman and lots of women are in the top most position in corporate level also. Obviously this is very encouraging.

  1. The Pages:  What made you work so much in the women development or empowerment in Bangladesh ? When I started my work , there were many women already who were already engaged in so many sectors like garments , hospitals etc. A huge percentage of woman are illiterate who needs a guideline to know what they are capable of doing. We need to provide a better guideline for future generation.
  2. The Pages: What kind of changes do you see for professional women now? If you compare the 90s with 2015; do you see a drastic change in the status of female in our society?

Bangladesh is ingrowing country, women are more liberal here than any other country like Pakistan and Iran etc. The women now and the women then are gradually changing the platform. It’s not drastic changes rather it’s a result of their yesterday’s contribution. My heartfelt gratitude to all the mother, daughter wife and sister; above all, all the woman of then and now.


  1. The Pages :What is the main reason, according to you, which influenced women to start joining the work force and take professional careers seriously?

We all have some qualities and I think all of us know well about our capability of taking challenges and this led them to join work field.

  1. The Pages: More and more women are entering into the workforce; sectors such as design, retail, media, publishing, etc. are now dominated by women. What kind of impact is this phenomenon givingto our economy?

We can’t name one but all the sectors are equally contributing the society for women empowerment.

  1. The Pages: What advice would you give the young women of today?

To have faith till their success.

  1. The Pages:  According to you what qualities a woman must possess in order be an entrepreneur?

Determination and go for it.

  1. The pages:  You are the person who brainstormed brilliant ideas to promote entrepreneurship. Which of your projects are you very satisfied with and which ones do you think need further improvement?

Our 100% export business is well balanced as we provide all the benefits and rights to our workers and employee. My fashion house was serving here in Chittagong only which I think I should take it to another level where I can share the same platform with renowneddesigners in Bangladesh,





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