Nabila Karim


In 2005, Nabila Karim was completing his HSC from Viquarunnisa Nun College (English Version). One day she went to Meena Bazar with his father to buy shampoo. Sunsilk was running a special campaign for its customers that timer and the offer was that, 60 winner who will fill the special coupon will get chance to be a part of famous hair stylist Javed Habib’s latest campaign. So, Nabila bought a shampoo and just simply filled the coupon but never though that she will really be a part of those winners. But when fate has plans for you, nobody can resist that and the same thing happened to Nabila too. One day she got a call from Asiatic ad agency and she was told that “Welcome to the campaign of Javed Habib”. Thus very surprisingly she got chance in that campaign and her dream journey began. Though Nabila step in the modeling career by hobby but her hobby has now taken her to the top of fame. Just after the telecast of her first advertise with Sunsilk, she immediately gained widespread popularity and she did not need to look back at all. She worked with some big brands like squire, Chomok, Pran, RFL etc and endorsed some renowned brands of the country. Recently, The Pages had a conversation with this popular model .

  1. Do you have any Style icon in Bangladesh?

Sadia Islam Mou because of her effortless style.

  1. Most interesting Photo-shoots that you’ve done? Why?
    Photoshoot for Westecs by Abu Naser…dry leaves n winter feel.
    Canvas fashion shoot Fantasy cover …my dress was completely made out of Papers.
  1. Do you have any skin care routine?
    Usually after makeup I clean my face using Cleansing milk and luke warm water.Monthly 3/4 times I go to parlor to get a quick facial.Drink Luke warm water with honey and lemon every morning in empty stomach, gives you glowing skin.
  1. Do you change your skin routine between seasons?
    I always tend to follow the same routine all through the season.
  1. What was your turning point to become a popular model in Bangladesh?
    My turning point was endorsing big brands like Aarong, Trendz, Texmart, Westecs, Ecstasy, Apan Jewelers and so on, also simultaneously doing TVC for big brands like Sunsilk, Lux and so on. I never looked back.
  1. What are your greatest accomplishments in your life so far?
    Working with big Directors and big brands are my greatest accomplishments.Amitav Reza for Lux promo, Gazi Shouvro for Sunsilk 9to9, Wahed Tarek for Apex Shoe, Mezbaur Rahman Sumon for Square Pharmaceuticals documentary and so on. Working as a model for Aarong, Singer, Symphony, Grameen Phone.
  2. How would you define your personal style?
    Style for me is approaching each day with confidence and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what I am wearing.
  1. Best advice you’ve ever received?
    “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.”


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