Eid Celebrations with Shamim Ara Munni


How have your Eid celebrations changed over the years? How will you differentiate your childhood Eid celebrations and the Eid of present times?

Eid retains joy, although traditions have changed. Earlier Eid celebrations were centred on family and neighbors. The fun memories related to new dresses were very enjoyable that time. In every Eid I would never ever gave anyone chance to see my Eid dresses before Eid day to keep that dress new. Obviously those things have changed a lot. Moreover, at present Eid is celebrated more as a responsibility than enjoyment. Even if some perceptions of Eid have become more materialistic, our family still derives much joy in spending the day with one another as much as we can. Otherwise I feel the joy of Eid through my child’s enjoyment.
 As a news presenter you have to be busy in the Eid day? How do you enjoy that?
I enjoy it the most. As a new presenter I get the chance to wish all the viewers and feel the warmth of the celebration in a greater value.
What is your favorite destination to visit on an Eid holiday?
My favorite holiday destination has always been Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban. Whgenever I get chance,
I try to visit these natural paradise.


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