Mirza Bulbul KabirTuhin General Manager Best In Brands Private Limited, Starasia Distribution Bangladesh Limited Interview by MohammadTauhidul Islam Apu-


The Pages: Please tell us about yourself? How did you start your journey as a professional?

Ans.  MBKT: Basically what happens career starts from like when I am a student that time? I got my first job in city cell. Basically I work for city cell, Banglalink, Warid telecom near about 8 to 9 years. I have to involve lots of distribution channel. I like to take challenge. I saw the market of branded perfume in Bangladesh attracts me very much. I start feeling there is lots of potentiality in this industry. That’s what brought me to perfume industry.

The Pages: What are the biggest challenges a GM faces today?

Ans.  MBKT:To be honest as country head or GM the biggest challenge is to have a dedicated team. Because right now the people you have in the job industry sometimes there are hard working there lot of competition in there. Lots of people are jumping in the same business. Whatever people will jumping business without thinking of it. To have dedicated, good for long time view people is the most official challenge for a GM now.

The Pages: Do you think the perfume industry has become saturated enough already and left no more room for a new player? 

Ans.  MBKT:Successful! To be honest, absolutely not. I do not think that I am successful yet. Fragrance market in Bangladesh here we have lot of way to go. Fragrance market in Bangladesh now is a kids level. Lot of space for play & for more development.

The Pages:  Tell  us  about  current  perfume Retail market   of Bangladesh. 

Ans.  MBKT:Perfume current market is good. But biggest challenge right now we face is having confidence of customer. You know Bangladesh is open economy. Retail market is good, customer response is very good they are very responsive, potentiality is huge. Now day by day customers are habituate with branded items. The end the retail market is great.

The Pages:Best in Brand is  pioneer of   Perfume  Manufacturer in  Bangladesh    Tell  us  about the quality  of  product   .

Ans.  MBKT:Best N Brands is authorized distribution of more than 30 top class brands in Bangladesh. Right now we are working with two top class brand luggage, exclusive wrist watch and top class candle Company. Last year we are working petroleum jelly only one in Bangladesh having aloevera. Now Best N Brands promoting the top class brands product in Bangladesh.

The Pages : How would you assess Bangladesh as a potential consumer  zone for perfume industries ?

Ans.  MBKT:I would love to tell the fragrance market in Bangladesh consumer zone is now kid’s level. The end consumer potentiality of fragrance market is huge.  Itsgoing to be a good position in future.

The Pages: What is your opinion about the current FMCG market development in Bangladesh?

Ans.  MBKT:  I think the FMCG market now reached a matured level in Bangladesh. But there is a lot of place to develop. Its a good track. Currently the FMCG market is developing a right way.

The Pages:Do you think the local perfume industry is booming?

Ans.  MBKT:Fragrance market like ator in Bangladesh is a raw industry. They are not selling finished product. Even now we are developing china. People in village using perfume in terms of ator, body spray and the secondary issues. It means the local market of perfume is developing day by day.

The Pages: What’s the secret behind the success of   BNB ?

Ans.  MBKT:Success in business, I am not sure that I am success yet. I have lot of big big hope about my business. Now the position of mine its satisfactory. I think the people have three things in life become success is dedication, hard working& loyalty. In developing stage these three things is very important.

The Pages : What are its strengths?

Ans.  MBKT: About our business plan I want to say upcoming year we start 360 degree portfolio. It like a makeup cosmetics & fragrance, total solution of a person we can meet. We want to work seasonal requirements of customer.

The Pages:Tell us about the importance of online marketing tools in this fast-paced business fraternity. Do you prefer spending time on Facebook?

Ans.  MBKT: Social media is super fast way to sales, marketing and promoting for your goods to make yourself to prove others. I can contact with my old friends & colleagues by face book. Best N Brands are concentrating with social media to spreads their business along with our retail marketing. You see last five years e-commerce in Bangladesh spreading very much.

The Pages: If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

Ans.  MBKT:  I am start from here.  I love Sales & marketing, development.


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