Abdul Monem Limited Completes 50 Years of Success Abdul Monem Limited (AML) is one of the leading diversified business conglomerates of Bangladesh. Their fundamental promise is ‘Touching Lives… Building Capabilities…!’


Abdul Monem Ltd. is one of the leading business enterprises in context of Bangladesh. Incepted back in 1956, Abdul MonemLtd. has evolved today as one of the biggest group of industries and is a majorplayer  in  many  industries.With the vision of contributing to the economic, social and environmental progress and prosperity of Bangladesh through optimum use of their resources applied in constant development of our value-added products and services, the company this year has completed its glorious success story of 50 years. Today,  in  the  constantly  growing  and  ever  changing  world  of  trade  and  technology, Abdul  Monem  Ltd.  has  a  new  challenge,  the  challenge  to  keep  it  competitive  in  the Millennium  with  the  leading  edge  technologies  as  well  as  products  and  services.  The company has long experience of more than 50 years in accomplishing that in the past and is  sure  to  be  able  to  meet  this  challenge  in  the  future  as  well.  Started  as  a  Construction Contractor in  1956  and  later  diversified  to  food  sector.  Abdul MonemLtd. proudly represents brands like Coca cola, Igloo, Igloo foods and Igloo dairy products that are the milestones to the company’s quest to provide the best and quality products to its millions of consumers.

The honorable Managing Director and Chairman Mr. Abdul Monem had established the organization in the year 1956 and he still strongly and successfully runs it along with his two eligible sons working as the Deputy Managing Directors (DMD) of the company, Mr. A.S.M. MainuddinMonem and Mr. A.S.M. MohiuddinMonem. Since 1956 and onwards, have led others to follow. The core strength of their organization is rooted in their capacity to gather the resources to complete infrastructure projects on a grand scale (funded by Word Bank, ADB, JICA etc.) thus demonstrating  ability to bear the initial risks associated with such projects and proving our sustainability throughout the long development periods.

Abdul Monem Group Of Companies takes pride in being an integral part of the community and has contributed to various organizations throughout the years and their sister concerns are expanded in various sectors including Aml Construction, Igloo Ice Cream & Milk Unit, Beverage Unit – Coca Cola, Igloo Foods Ltd, Danish Bangla Emulsion Ltd, Am Securities & Financial Services Ltd, Monem Business District, Abdul MonemSugerRefinary Ltd, Am Energy Ltd, Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Am Ashphalt& Ready Mix Concretetc.Over a successful period, AML has not just developed a wealth of experience in infrastructure and development project arena in order to meet the international standards of quality and services, it has also become the bottler of Coca Cola, the producer of number one ice-cream brand Igloo, Igloo milk and dairy products, Igloo food items and snacks, manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, maker of auto bricks, bitumen and other selected construction materials. It also established AM Sugar Refinery Ltd., AM Rice Bran Oil), ServicEngine BPO, AM Securities and Financial Services Ltd., etc. In 2015, it was awarded to develop one of the first private economic zones of the country i.e. Abdul Monem Economic Zone (AMEZ) in Daudkandi, Munshiganj on its land of 216 acres. All these strategic units are established with a view to leveraging the strength of the parent company as well as to contribute to the national economy with an intention of generating employment opportunities for fellow citizens. Even though, AML began as a family owned business, it has transformed into a multi-disciplinary modern day business group delivering value to their customers. As such, their priority has been to focus on building capabilities to infuse strength and character in their  people, their business partners, associates and stakeholders resulting in robust and dynamic growth of the establishment.

Messages from the Pioneers

Mr. Abdul Monem
Chairman & Managing Director

With a broad portfolio of businesses that optimizes opportunities in Bangladesh, Abdul Monem Limited has become one of the most reliable, reputed and diversified conglomerates in the country.

We have been committed to playing a strong and responsible role in sustainability; from implementing quality in infrastructure/ construction projects to providing innovative products and services. The approach has been to invest in resources that will form the foundation of our core values of people- prosperity-progress.Our journey of almost six decades has not been that long really! We have been preoccupied with work; in getting our work done effectively and in not compromising on the quality of work, products and services. We faltered, succeeded but were never complacent. Our course was determined progressively with the combination of our people and the prosperity we achieved through our collective ability to master new knowledge and ideas as well as willingness to safeguard sustainability of the organization.

Looking forward, as economic, social and technological changes gather pace, offering us challenges to be innovative in engaging our resources, Abdul Monem Limited will continue to be committed to sustainability. We will create new possibilities by enhancing value, improving social returns and having contribution to national economy and wealth.

Mr. MainuddinMonem
Deputy Managing Director-I

Abdul Monem Limited is a synonym to quality, reliability and, commitment and portrays a pillar of strength since 1956.The characteristic and practice required to uplift the organization and all the units to be dynamic, work driven, customer centric and results-oriented, are the power of inclusion. It leads to boosting moral and team spirit. Our core values accommodate this power of inclusion. The power of inclusion also empowers to encourage the address of challenges and social needs of our times and for the future. We are living in times, when on a daily basis there is ever-increasing complexity and unpredictable business scenarios arising from global perspective, strains on resources and from persistent unstable economic situations. We are faced with challenges as well as opportunities which we can tackle with determination and desire benefits from, with our power of inclusion and collaboration. AML is geared to come up with the right answers and solutions for the company, the customers, the society and the nation as a whole.


Mr. MohiuddinMonem
Deputy Managing Director-II

What makes us different as a business? As a partner? As an employer? It is success. Success is based on delivering quality at every stage of the value chain and when customers relate their satisfaction to that promise of quality. I am proud to say Abdul Monem Limited has earned reliability and reputation in Bangladesh and beyond its boundary. At every challenging time, our ambition is to become the market leader in every industry or area of our activity, including entering new and thrilling businesses that have sustainable future prospects. We also believe in employing and grooming the best people, rewarding their performance, consistently improving their capabilities and collaborating their work activities with innovation and other best practices so that they can excel in a tough business climate. With the consolidation of well organized businesses, global associates and partners, and motivated people, our further success will be to deliver world class performance each and every day.


Achievements and Recognition


  • The President’s Awards
  • The longest TAX payer award
  • The longest VAT payer award
  • IFAWPCA gold medal
  • Business person of the year 2008, Bangladesh
  • Commercially important person of 2010, 2011 & 2012
  • Excellence for business performance from Jamuna Bank ltd
  • Igloo- No.1 ice-cream brand by Bangladesh Brand Forum
  • Other recognition from various Government departments for business performance, corporate governance and contribution to national development


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