Excellent Dramas Performed at Shilpakala Academy and Mohila Shomiti


Three remarkable dramas have been played in the National Theatre of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and one is at MohilaShomiti.


BotTala- a performance space production

Play: SaminaLuthfa Nitra
Direction: Mohammad Ali Haider
Khona will be performed by Kazi Rokhsana Parveen Ruma, Imran Khan Munna, Mizanur Rahman, Abdul Kader, Chandan Paul, Taufique Hasan, Nasiruddin Nadim, Bakirul Islam,Humaira Akhter, Sharmin Ety, Pankaj Majumdar, Abdus Salam, AZM Kayes,Rafi Al Amin, Ziaul Abedin Rakhal, Borna Siddik, Sayeed, Sajib, Muhib, Subir, Antu, Hasnain, Evan, Tondra, Shaurov, and Mousumi
The mythology surrounding Khona is well known in Bangla folklore. A body of ancient agricultural knowledge which includes weather predictions, popularly called Khona’s Sayings (“KhonarBochon”), has been passed along from generation to generation as a part of the oral tradition among preliterate farmers. Khona’s Sayings are usually short verses that are easy to remember yet profound in it’s science and wisdom. Her practice of simplifying knowledge to teach peasants and challenging royal decrees in favor of the farmers was not looked upon favorably by the ruling class. Khona’s rebellious nature eventually led to her receiving the tragic punishment of elinguation, cutting out the tongue. Born as Lila, she is entitled Khona, someone who cannot speak. Ironically, her verses have survived for over 1500 years as agricultural proverbs.

Varaha was the royal astrologer of King Dharmaketu of Deyulnagar. His beloved wife died while giving birth to their son, Mihir. He also discovered a future of misfortune and death in calculating Mihir’s birth chart. Varaha was devastated. But steeling himself, he hailed farewell to his newborn by floating him in a copper pot down the river Viddyadhory. After 25 years, Lila, an astrologer in her own right and now the wife of Mihir, reunited father and son. She also proved that Varaha’s original calculations were wrong. Regardless of the surprise of seeing his mistake, Varaha was happy for his son’s return and accepted the couple with open arms. Lila and Mihirwas introduced to the royal court and eventually they both were coronated as royal astrologers.

Despite being a royal astrologer, Lila persistently socialized with the peasant farmers of Deyulnagar, teaching as well as learning from them. She discovered a wealth of knowledge within the peasant’s themselves. They had knowledge from practical observations and experience which they transmitted orally through short verses. She became a collector of such knowledge and began to simplify her own esoteric knowledge of astrology into similar verses. Enraged and envious, Varaha ordered his son to sever Lila’s obstinate tongue as a tribute to him, the father. But why did Lila not escape? How can the wealth of her knowledge be preserved? Will Varaha be able to silence her once and for all?

It was the 59th stage performances of BotTala. 26th August, the day of presenting Khona was their 8th Anniversary. BotTala has started an award in memory of NasiruddinNadim. Every year a young and active theatre activist will get the prize and he will be elected by the group members. This time the winner of this prize is MizanurRahman, one of the founder members of BotTala. The award is handed by the legendary writer SelinaHossain, the chief guest of the celebration.

Award Photo

List of the renowned actors who dazzled the show with their outstanding performances- SaminaLuthfa Nitra, Evan Riaz, Mohammad Ali Haider, SeutyShahgufta, Towfiq Hassan Bhuiyan, SharminRahmanEty, MizanurRahman, Chandan Paul, Bakirul Islam, PankajMajumder, Abdul Kader, ZiaulAbedin, MahafuzaSiddik, Mohibul Islam, Muhammad KamaruzzamanSayeed, MdRony, Layeka Bashir andIftinan Mahmud Isa.

Set – Light Designer And Operator, Abu DaudAshrafi and Mohammad Ali Haider.Organizer- Khalid Mahmud Sezan


“DrohoPremNari” is the 5th Production of Prangonemor. “DrohoPremNari” is based on KaziNazrul Islam’s musical play ‘Aleya’, the play was directed by RamizRazu. ‘Aleya’ was first staged at Natyaniketon in Kolkata on December 19, 1931. Prangone More, for the first time, staged the play in the country on June 17 last year. In this play, Minketu, the king, appears as an eye-catching man while many women feel attraction towards him but he never allows them in his heart as he waits for her desired woman. Krishna, Minketu’s Prime Minister, loves him a lot. But Minketu doesn’t feel Krishna in her way. On the other hand, Chandraketu, the commander-in-chief of the army, loves Krishna while she considers him only as a good friend. However, Minketu, Krisna and Chndraketu were childhood friends and gradually they started feeling love for each other.

Meanwhile, ‘Joyonti’, an attractive and appealing queen of a neighbouring kingdom invaded Minketu’s kingdom and defeated his powerful army with the heroic strength of her army chief named Ugraditya. Once, she became angry over Ugraditya as she later came to know that Ugraditya also dreams of having her in his arms. Incidently, Ugraditya was killed by Minketu and then Joyontirealised her mistake as she started feeling that Ugraditya was her power and also the beloved man of her younger sister ‘Chandrika’.

All through the play, the audiences were mesmerized by the outstanding presentation of the performers. The cast of this play included AnantaHira as Minketu, NunaAfroz as Joyonti, Shubechcha as Krishna, SarwarAlamSaikat as Chandraketu, Ister Sumy as Chandrika, AnindraKishor as Ugraditya, RigyanSohagRatna as Rajkobi, BandhuTuhin as Ranganath and JainalAbedinMonir as Deputy of Chandraketu.

Among the performers, the performance of AnantaHira, IsterShumi and AnindraKishor caught the attention of the audiences most while many of them also highly praised the choreography presentation of this play, as they were really immaculate. NunaAfroz designed the set and costume of this play while ToufiqAzim Robin was in the direction of light. ShishirRahman directed the music while the director RamizRazu was the choreographer of this play along with assistance of IsterShumi.


In Studio theatre at Bangladesh Shilakala Academy Nattayam Reparatory has staged Abdullah Al Mamun’sCharidikeJuddho. 21st August was his 8th dead anniversary. Abdullah Al Mamun was a great playwright, actor and director. In theatre and TV media and also in Cinema he was very popular for his greatest work. ShubhasisDuttaTonmoy has directed his great drama CharidikeJuddho.

CharidikeJuddho is a remarkable drama by Abdullah Al Mamun. In this drama he has drawn the picture of a middle class family. Sanu is a son of a Pion. He has completed his education but don’t get any job. He cannot earn money but his other brothers earn a lot in a wrong way. But at the end of the drama CharidikeJuddhoSanu gets a job with help of his friend Nila. Nila and Sanu had a love affair. One day Nila’s elder brother invites his boss Mr. Mollik and forces Nila for having some illegal relarition with him. Sanu becomes angry on his friend Raja and stabs Mr. Mollik to save Nila. Police search for Sanu and from here a new fight becomes started.

In this drama CharidikeJuddho, there performs ShubhasisDuttaTonmoy, Muhammad Kaisar, UttamChakrabarty, AmitavRajib, QudratKamolTarokNath, Lita Khan, TahminaKhatun and many more.

The drama was directed byShubhasisDuttaTonmoy, stage design- ZunayedEusuf, light design- MokhlesurRahman, music- TarakNath and dress design was by Dr. IrinParvinLopa. Houseful audiences were present and enjoyed the play CharidikeJuddho by the great dramatist Abdullah Al Mamun.

OraKadam Ali

Government leases every Ghat in every year. Like this this Ghat is also be leased to Nayeb Ali Bepary. Bepary is associated with many wrong doings. One day a man comes there with a child of six or seven years and a pregnant wife. The man goes to hire a rickshaw but does not come. The pregnant lady dies on delivery a child.

Bepary notices that a child is alone in Ghat. He wants to capture the boy but in vain. A dumb man namely Kadam Ali and Rabeyalooks after the boy but Bepary tries to snatch the boy from them. They protest against Bepary. Bepary beats Kadam Ali and calls police. Sardar tries to make them understood that they are parents less because of Bepary so they have to be united. Police wants to arrest him but everybody address him as Kadam Ali.

This is a short brief of the drama OraKadam Ali by Mamunur Rashid, a famous playwright in Bangladesh. A new drama group Drisshokabbo leaded by MotaliHossain has remade this play for their group. They want to stage the play regularly. This play was staged at the main auditorium of National Theatre at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

OraKadam Ali by Mamunur Rashid is directed by Motalib Hossain and this is their workshop production.


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