Food to Reduce belly fat


Fat can be reduces by controlling the food habit but fat sometimes of the stomach doesn’t go so easily.  Exercise that makes people sweat is very useful to reduce the fat of the stomach but for some people it is very difficult to do.

Except fat, for several reasons many people’s belly become bigger than normal.Here name of some foods that help to reduce belly fat are given below.

Sour Yogurt

Who has troubled stomach their stomach remain bigger than normal. By drinking sour yogurt every day, its probiotics elements help to reduce the bad stomach. Helpful bacteria of the yogurt help to digest. Even sour yogurt helps to reduce waist and belly fat.  So, for a beautiful belly drinking yogurt is very helpful.

Grain Food

Rather than refined food, food that’s prepared from unrefined grains should be practiced. In experiment it’s been proven that who eat foods made from unrefined grains suffer less of stomach problem.


helps to control calories. In experiment it shows that nut helps to stop the cells to absorb fats.


There is no need to tell anything about the usefulness of cucumber in dipping fat. Chafed acid of cucumber helps to reduce the bluntness of the belly causes by water bucketing or gas.

Green vegetables

Calcium that helps to build muscle can be found in green vegetables. It also helps to produce energy. Apart from this, calorie rate in vegetables are bit low which help to reduce weight and also to shape up the belly in normal size.

Salmon fish

There are some helpful proteins in salmon fish which is actually enrich with so many positive food elements help to slow down the speed of digestion. Even its element also helps to reduce the fattiness of the stomach. Salmon fish fulfill the needs of the fatty acid named as Omega 3 of the human body.


Banana helps to make the shape normal by reducing the extra water that pours in the belly and waist part of human body. Because of the imbalance of Sodium and Potassium, extra water remains drizzled in the middle portion of the body. Cells hold extra liquid if Sodium get increased in body. To resolve Sodium problem one have to increase the amount of Potassium. And banana can solve this problem.


Drinking sufficient water regularly helps to solve various problems of human body. The digestion process and bad stomach problems can be remove by just drinking enough water. A sense of bluntness can be feel because of drinking lack of water. Every day at least eight glasses of water should be drunk which is really necessary. Lots of fruits and vegetables also need to be taken with water.


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