Moshiur Rahman- Managing Director of Paragong Group


Moshiur Rahman, Managing Director of Paragon Group is one of the biggest name in country’s business sector and achieved incredible growth in his vertically integrated Poultry Breeding & Feed manufacturing industry business. But the beginning of this tremendous talented mega mind was not similar as it is now and started his business career with printing first.. After graduation, he had his credit training experience from Heidelberg, Germany on modern and economical working methods on advance printing technology. He successfully ran for many years Udayan Press Ltd. a family business enterprise. In 1989 he launched his own printing & packaging industry named Paragon Press Ltd. with high quality printing & packaging facility.

Moshiur Rahman also achieved tremendous growth in his vertically integrated Poultry Breeding & Feed manufacturing industry business. He started aggro farming in 1993, now its annual turnover stands more than US$100 million. The farm has facilities to produce weekly 1 million day old chicks, thirty thousand tons of feed per month & 35,000 Breeder Chicks per week. He  up plants to produce green power from waste including recycled chicken excreta and that collaboration with Dutch company, a solar module factory in production – exporting to Europe and solar mini grid & mega grid are under implementation schedule – all together totaling to over 1MW power.A very new venture targeting consumer market for frozen food, dairy products, tea, snacks etc. is scheduled to be launched in September and onward.

At present he is the Managing Director of Paragon Press Ltd., Paragon Poultry Ltd., Parasol Energy Ltd., Usha Poultry Ltd., Paragon Feed Ltd., Chittagong Chicks Ltd., Rangpur Poultry Ltd., Paragon Agro Ltd.(Grand Parent Farm, Hazinagar Tea Estate, Rahmania Tea Estate, Paragon Fish Hatchery, Dairies etc.), Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd. He is also the Director of Malek Spinning Ltd., JM Textiles Ltd., Fathehbagh Tea Co. Ltd., Salek Textile Ltd., BD Venture Ltd. and Asia Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd. Recently The Pages Magazine had a golden chance to interview this brilliant persona to know about his business ideas, new ventures and upcoming projects.

Can you speak a short history about Paragon? How did Paragon start its business in Bangladesh?

After the Second World War My father started the printing business which was later followed by me and my 3 brothers. After completing graduation we took training from Germany and then continued the printing business and gradually we get diversified in several other businesses too. So, I continued my printing business as and along with that started a new venture in poultry industry. The idea of starting poultry business was actually given by one of my friend’s father while I was in Germany.  He himself was into poultry business and had ample idea about Bangladesh. He actually made me realize the scope and need of poultry and feed business in our country. So, in 1993 we fully started the poultry and agro based business, which was later accompanied by tea business correspondingly. Moreover our business venture on food products are going on equally and we hopeful to develop this sector to a next level.

Please tell us about yourself?

I complete my graduation in 1982 and join in my father’s business then though that time I was not involved fully. In 1983 actually I got holly involved in printing business. Instead of being a businessman I was engaged in many other co-curricular activities. I was a student ofResidential Model School & College, Mohammadpur and I used to took parts in different games there. Hockey and Basketball have been two of my most favorite games and I used to be a good player in both of these games. I have been a member of Mohamedan Club for a few days on my teacher’s insisting. Besides that, I had a great passion for photography. I am sticked to photography from a very long time and still now I try to do photography whenever I got chance. I had to go abroad at least twice in every month for business purpose. So, wherever I go, I somehow manage to have at least a day to take snaps as per my interest. Historical, landscapes, abstract landscapes has been major interest of mine. Otherwise whatever beautiful and interesting I try to capture that moment. Earlier I have also done many exhibitions on photography. Along with that, Golf has been my recent favorite game and I enjoy playing golf so much. So, Iwould say that besides business, photography and golf have been the main hobby and passion of money.

Tell us something about Paragon Group and its present business phenomena?

I am a very aesthetic person and I am always positive when it’s about business. So, if you ask me about the present business phenomena I will surely say that, by the grace of Almighty, everything is going well. I have a very positive attitude towards business and I believe that everyone is doing well in their own sector. I am very grateful to my almighty for whatever we are today and hopefully to be able to develop the business progressively. And yes, the challenge is always there and without challenge, business is not business actually. As a business manmy idea is to spread the scope and ideas and contue moving with new endevors. So, with the flow of time we are trying to move on and started some new project. We have some sister concerns including  Paragon Press Ltd, Paragon Poultry Ltd, Sports Zone Ltd, Paragon Agro Ltd, Paragon Plast Fiber Ltd, Usha Poultry Ltd, Chittagong Chicks Ltd, Rangpur Poultry Ltd.Paragon Feed Ltd etc.We have invested in some new sectors also which are investments Malek Spinning Mills Ltd., Salek Spinning Mills Ltd, Asia Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd, New Asia Synthetics Ltd., Fatehbagh Tea Estate.

Please tell us about the current Paragon Agro Consumer Food products.

Paragon Agro Limited is the newest addition of Paragon Group. After coming into this business I had always thought of doing something new and innovative in agro sector. But without proper planning and manpower it’s not worthy and that’s why we take a bit time to prepare excellent team and moved on. As you can see that Innovation, creativity, quality & consistency, commitments are the key sensational attributes of the venture. At present, Paragon Agro Limited has expanded its business wings in Chicken Dressing operation, Frozen Further meat process and ethnic Frozen snacks products’, Tea, Egg and dairy products. The Live Birds are collected from own Poultry Farms for dressing of chickens. These Birds are being dressed in State of the Art own Slaughtering Plant in strict hygienic and QC process. A significant number of Designer’s cut of various portions of Chicken meat already has been clinched the customers confidence.Chicken Nuggets, Fun Nuggets, Chicken Stripes, Chicken POP Corn, Chicken Lollipop, Burger Patty, Meat Ball, Sausage Ball, Kebab, Breakfast sausage, Cocktail sausage, Salami, Bologna, Paratha, Spring Roll and various crispy – crunchy yummy snacks are creating mind-wanting temptation to all ages’ people. Quality and its consistency is the main motto of the operation. We have always maintained the synchronization with the present shifting of lifestyle. People’s food habits are changing not only in city but in villages also. That’s why we are very hopeful to this sector.

Can you please tell us something about the quality of theAgro Consumer Food Products?

As I already said, we have always been very careful regarding the quality of our products and that’s why we have appointed experienced people from RMC sector. We have engaged some experienced foreign people who are mainly concentrating towards the 100% maintain ace of quality and hygiene of the products. We are concern about the satisfaction of our consumers.

How would you assess Bangladesh as a potential manufacturing Zone for Agro industries?

Actually every region is specialized in some specific food or products. For example, we have seen Rangamatito be a great source for producing pineapple or some places are great for producing potato and many others like that. By developing export processing zone on those special area, agro or food products can attain a huge success. Let me share you an experience. Recently, I bought some Jackfruit chips (dehydrated Jackfruit) while visiting a foreign country. We know that there are many such foods available in our country which can be export easily if they are processed or maintained properly. So, thus I believe that agro foods also have a huge and potential manufacturing zone in Bangladesh also.

How are you expanding your plan to export Paragon products outside the country?

We have many plans regarding export our products worldwide and we are regularly formulating ourselves for that. Certification is major while it’s about exporting any products and keeping that in mind we have already managed to achieve hatchery GMP certificate,   Assess 2002, Halal Certificate etc. We are mainly giving priorities towards the Bengali communities in Middle East. We have almost got those certificates and also applying for other countries.

What is your opinion about the current social media/ Facebook marketing in FMCG market in Bangladesh?

I have seen the revolutionary change in marketing methods through social media and always positive to new things and technologies.  Even we are planning to spread our marketing through social media. Our team is working on that and hopefully it will be visible in market before the upcoming Eid.

 What is the secret behind the success of your organization?

I believe that, my parent’s prayers and the blessings of almighty have been themost precious things behind my success. Whatever I am is because of their great dedication and blessings.

You are one of the pioneer of the poultry industry of our country. You have developed the poultry industry as well as many other industry. Please share us something about this?

Though I was not in Poultry business line, but I never lose hope throughout this long time period. To me, business is a challenge and I knew that if I took steps with full responsibility I will be able to do that. In every new project and every new sector, there was always some reason and faith that I will be able to do it. People sometimes discouraged me that these new ventures will not be possible in the weather of our country. Those who were already in poultry business followed traditional time earlier. But I entered in the business with large scale. However, in the first two venture I got successful and then started many new ventures like that. I also invited people who were confused about the new process to see that it’s possible.  So, thus many new people got started in this business and actually thus the business expanded. I have always focused on less but efficient hygiene labor rather than having many inefficient workers. Which means I automatically needed proper machineries and equipment.  I managed those and made availability of the machineries so that we can continue easily in the long term. I knew that proper use of technology can lower the cost. So, thus many of us are developing in this sector instead of being newcomer. But, yes, before all that I have always tried to join many new training and learning. I have created many associations for the betterment of this sectors. We have to come up with the new use of technologies consequently. So, altogether, the business is now totally science based and I think that all the businessman of these sector are doing quite well.

What will be your advice for young generation who have keen interest to join in such business sector?

Yes, we have some gaps but business is good when you are analyzing things properly and taking reisks for your gain. I think I have been able to do that and in my every projects I have taken new risks. For example my new venture is based on flower cultivation. For that I am investing on 4 new greenhouse projects. If, everything goes well then I will think to set 40 newgreenhouse. Yes, we may not have huge land but the weather and temperature is very good for flower based business. Earlier the use of flower was not in that big concept but now with the changing of lifestyle we have seen that flower has become a common part of every celebration. So, thus newcomers need to keep a forward- looking eye and analyze everything as it should be. Not only in flower but business based on vegetable and fruits can be done in greenhouse market. My advice for them would be to prefer large investment/ one time investment but these can be come out as a big success and all they need to do is proper business analyzing and hard work obviously.

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