Nazmee Jannat


NazmeeZannat, a very known face of fashion world, who is known more as a stylish model than as a costume designer. After completing his graduation from Shanta Mariam University, she joined in Uttara University as a lecturer. She has been the host in many popular shows for several TV channels and managing her time for costume designing for film. Along with thatNazmee is also completing her MBA from North South University. The Pages recently had a conversation with this rousing façade of style world.

  1. As a costume designer, do you find your personal style influences whatever project you’re currently working on?

Yes I do think it influences. Infect most of the people who comes to me for work .they at first look at my outlook and then they decide that yes if she is that stylish then she can do better styles for us.SoI think personal style is very important as that shows your creativity.I think that your outer look is your inner reflection.

2. What story behind you to be stylish designer of Bangladesh?

The story comes back from my childhood. I was always into the latest fashionable clothes.I used to watch on TV and always insisted my mom to buy me those. Since my childhood I was a fashion fetish person. I used to love seeing beautiful people. Youcan call me ‘shundorjer pujari’. Which later made me realize that clothing is one of the most important facts behind looking great,and as I always liked to look at beautiful people.  I wanted to look beautiful too. So slowly I started making my own different styles, and then as i grew up. All my friends and relatives usually came to me for asking suggestions on their cloths, and they would do it just I way I told them to. And slowly I started growing confidence and started to self study on it when my parents said I should go for it and here I am

3. How do you change your skin routine between seasons?

Well here is a little twist. Ido always try to look good but I emphasize on my cloths more than on my skin. By the grace of almighty I have a clear skin and I don’t use much chemicals on it. Just a regular soap and day night cream.latelyI had problems with rashes in my skin during the winter .So I made my own recipe with olive oil and glycerin and finally  I got rid of that too. So all I suggest is not to use many chemicals.Rather try using natural remedies.

4. Do you have any style icon in Bangladesh?

I don’t know if Bangladesh has a style icon yet. I definitely think it has good designers to admire and get amused by their work. But yes I do have a plan on being one if Allah permits or Iam accepted by all.

5. What is your future plan?

I have a lot of plans for future which I think if Allah pleases then I ill achieve and then everybody will see it by themselves.At present Ifavorite profession is teaching.  AndI love being a teacher spreading knowledge on fashion.


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