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NehrinMustofa, formally known as Nehrin, casually called as Dishi.At present she is working as news presenter in ATN television. Except that she is known as one of the most famous anchor of our country. Her recent wok as a host in the very firstinternational Muslin Festival she received appreciation among the cultural society. Recently she has shared her thought and plan with The Pages regarding the upcoming Boishakhi festival.

  1. Being in the field of news presenting, how much do you enjoy the Boishakhi festival?

PohelaBoishakh’ is one of my favorite festivals. As a news presenter I enjoy each and every moment of it. I always come to my office on PohelaBoishakh because in this day our whole office turns into a place of festivities. With the traditional red white garments, the beautiful Belly flowers on the hair of the women and bright smiles on everyone’s faces, the entire office simply lights up. One of my oldest traditions is that I always bring lunch for my office on PohelaBoishakh and the lunch of course consists of “PantaVaat, AluVorta and IlishVaja”. All of us always enjoy the lunch together. I feel really blessed to be able to celebrate such a wonderful occasion with so many nice people at work.

2.What kind of clothes do you prefer most? What will be your favourite attire in Boishakh?

Usually I always dress up according to occasion. I would not say I have a particular preference when it comes to dressing up. I like traditional and classy as much as I like modern and chic. It really depends on the occasion. On PohelaBoishakh I always go traditional. I love to wear the traditional colors of red and white. I drape myself in red and white saree, a nice tip in my forehead and a beautiful Belly flower corsage in my hand. I would not wear anything else

3.Which dish you like most? What ar you planning to cook on that day?

Of course “Panta, Aloo Varta and Ilish” in a clay bowl. I just love it. I cannot really say what makes me like it so much. Honestly if you give me Panta after Pohela Baishakh I am not sure if I will eat it. But there is something about Pohela Baishakh that makes me love it. I start the morning with something very light like some fruits and yogurt and in the afternoon I always have the classic Panta. At home, they all love the Panta too. Of course it comes with Ilish and Aloo Vorta. Lot of my friends and my cousin and uncles friends as well as relatives usually visit my place. We have a mini festival. Other than the traditional food there is of course many dishes of chicken, shrimp and vegetables. Ilish polao is a specialty of my other and she always cooks it up for Pohela Boishakh. That is my personal favorite.

4.Do you have any plan to visit any special place on that day?

In the morning, it is always Ramna Park. My day starts with my favorite song “Esho he Boishakh”. Then it is breakfast, meet up with friends and straight to Ramnapark. Ramnapark in PohelaBaishakh is really a magical place. I simply have to go there. The beautiful music in the background, the plethora of beautifully dressed people, thr colorful procession and the overall atmosphere; all of it feels almost hypnotic. I love every moment of it. Then of course in the afternoon I head to office for news. Then I hang out with my friends and colleagues doing pretty much anything we feel like.

  1. Did you receive any proposal or love requests while roaming around in Boishakh?

Hahaha. Not sure if they were love offers but did get a lot of selfie requests. And the selfie requests were followed by a lot of facebook friend requests. Also got quite a few flowers. But never any direct love or relationship offers, no.

6.Tell us something about your Boishakhi experience outside of the country.

Yes, once. During my bar-at-law studies in London. A few of us friends went together to the UK for our studies. We actually took our red and white sarees with us expecting that we will be celebrating PohelaBaishakh in UK. But it is really different. There is no music there, there is not festival. It was just us. But we did our best to take the PohelaBaishakh to London. We all used to dress up in red and white, we tried to cook Panta, and Ilish and Aloo, sing “esho hey baishak” in chorus and we would all gather together in one of our place to have fun and pass a great time. In PohelaBoishakh, London does not change, it does not celebrate like Dhaka does, but somehow I felt PohelaBoishakh in London because it was and is always in my heart.

7.How did you enjoy Pohela Boishakh in your childhood?

Ramna Park. The main thing that I remember about Pohela Boishakh from my childhood is waking up early, then wake up my uncle early by his timetable and pretty much force him to take me to Ramna Park. I loved it then like I love it now. Little has changed from that actually. Have held on to that tradition even now. Well the park going part. Do not really wake up my uncle now.


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