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Writer have so many words to write a story and photographers have just one click to express it all. So let’s read some one-click stories of some very talented photographers at Drik Gallery with Photography 24X7.

Photography 24X7 is a facebook based international photography group of having 22000 members from all around the world. The group activity includes yearly photo contest and exhibition, sharing photographic knowledge and regular online theme based photo contest.

After the successful completion of 1st exhibition in 2015, Photography 24X7 is glad to announce its 2nd photo contest exhibition called ‘Exploring the World of Creation: Season 2’ at Drik gallery, Dhanmondi-Dhaka on 13th, 14th & 15th October 2016. This year we are pleased to have the legendary cinematographer and photographer Mr. Anwar Hossain as our honorable judge.

We, the Moderators

Tasnova Mumu-Founder: Creativity always attracts me and photography is one of the most creative and powerful ways to see the world closely. Photographers throughout the history have produced some incredible images that have stood the test of time, but it is not only their photographs that are inspirational. Their acute insights into the creative process have guided generations of photographers and shaped the way even today’s best photographers think about their subjects and scenes.

Shifat Maria Peyal-Admin: My father was the first person who let me hold his precious film-based Yasika camera and taught his 7years old daughter how to fall in love with photography. From then on till now, my interest became hobby and now it’s my foremost passion. And a place where sometimes I can escape to find my inner peace with all the vivid thoughts and creations. Once someone said, “What you create today is the history of tomorrow”. No wonder we all got abilities to be remembered with our works.

Tanvir Khan Anik-Admin: A picture is worth a thousand words. Every Photographer who takes the picture is always special to them. Photographs cannot be made just with a camera. A camera teaches us how to see without a camera. And it teaches me to feel the beauty of nature. It made a business graduate, a photographer.

Ahsanul Rony-Admin: Photography is a world where you can enter at any age, anytime. This is the world where you can find the real joy of life. I used to see photographs of other photographers but suddenly I decided to enter into the photography world. I work in Administration department in a Telecommunication company. You know working in Administration is kind of boring job & day by day I discovered myself ‘A boring person’. But since I started photography I’m really happy with my work. It became passion to me. Every weekend I go somewhere to shoot so I can see different places & different people. As long as I live Photography will be a part of my life.

 Our determiner, Our honorable Judge-Anwar Hossain

Anwar Hossain (born in 1948, Old Dhaka) is a Bangladeshi photographer and cinematographer.

Anwar Hossain has written a number of books on photography. His photography captured the Liberation war of Bangladesh. He was the cinematographer of the film Shyamol Chhaya directed by Humayun Ahmed. He has won more than 60 international awards in photography. Hossain has also filmed 15 fictions and 30 documentary films. He was graduated in Architecture from BUET and received higher degree in film from Pune University.

He contributed his talent in numbers of popular movies like Surja Dighal Bari-1979, Emiler Goenda Bahini-1980,  Lalsalu-2002,  Chitra Nodir Pare-1999, Nadir Naam Madhumati-1994 and so on.

 Season 2

‘Exploring the World of Creation: Season 2’ photo contest will display 160 selected photos from more than 3500 submissions in 9 categories. The photo contest will reward 9 best photos from each category.

We announced the whole contest through an event page hosted by Photography 24X7. Those who were interested to participate submitted their photos following the rules to our official email address. After the deadline of 40days submission period, all of those 3500 photos were sent to our honorable judge.  That is how we got the final 160 excellent photos from Portrait, Lifestyle, Street, Conceptual, Nature, Landscape, Photo series, Photo Story and Mobile category.

We are glad to have some celebrities by our side with their exceptional photographic skill. We will be proud to display their photography as an honorable mentioning. It will be a surprising occasion to unfold their hidden talent and will also be interesting to see a famous singer as a photographer in our event.

End part

Our joys know no bound when we get the enormous response from hundreds of photographers all around the world. It is undoubtedly our great pleasure to arrange the event this year. We look forward to making it successful and invite you to visit the “Exploring the World of Creation: Season 2“.


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