National Award Winner Choreographer and Dancer Tanjil Alam


Choreographer TanzilAlam, one of the most renowned dance icon mastyer western dance in our country. He is master in all the modern form of dance including Contemporary, salsa, tengo, hip hop,
Western, Bollywood dance and other forms like that. He has been closely attached to some of country’s biggest show including Meril-Prothom Alo Award, BPL, World Cup Tri-Nation show, Lux-Channel I Super Star Competition, Citycell Channel I Music Award. He with his two friends formed ‘Eagles Dance Group’ and after long 12 years of success it is successfully transformed into “Eagle Dance Academy”. After a long struggle to his way of success, he has now achieved vast recognition and won multiple awards including National Film Award, CGFB Performance Award, Binodon Bichitra Award ,BABISAS Award etc. Recently The Pages has an interview with this young dance icon.

How did you decide to become a choreographer?

Dancing amused me alot & then I just stuck with it since1996. Then gradually I started forming a group with two of my friends in 1999. At the beginning I used to perform on stages & but later on the more I worked with it, the more Irealized that I manage to renew myself on all the levels & then started doing choreography.

Was there any person that had great impact on your decision?

The one & only MICHAEL JACKSON. When I was small, I always used to watch his dance &I just loved the way he moves, his style, his everything….he is my idol. I also follow the work of ShiamakDavar. ..his work also has great impacts in my career.

What challenges are you looking for in this choreographer dance instructor position?

As for choreography, I was always curious to see how it is &I waited for the right moment to do it. In our industry I have seen that everyone does same pattern of dance & choreography but till now I have tried my best to do something new in our country. My great challenge is that I want to work more better as day passes by in this industry & also want to establish that we people in Bangladesh can also work different like other countries do.

What are your greatest accomplishments in your life so far?

National Award for Dance choreography for the first time in the film ” Amar pranerpriya ” was the best achievement for my life. And in every best events in Bangladesh & internationally too I have given my best works till now & hope that I will maintain this position in future also.

What education, schooling, or skills are needed to become a choreographer?

He or she needs to learn dance first .At least up to 12th grade of education or higher is preferred for better understanding the language of dance, Good music beat sense and at least 5 to 10 yrs experience of performing on stage can transform a dancer to choreographer if there is good Communication skill, passion, management skills, creativity & ability to abstract new ideas. So it’s very important for a choreographer to explain to the dance artists what he wants & how it should be done.

What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Handwork & dedication is the main key. So if these two things together with respect to this profession present in a person can achieve the goal easily.

What are your goals/dreams for the future?

I find dance is endless. My main goal is to introduce our dancers internationally & give them a platform for dance & make our country proud worldwide in the coming years.


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