Exclusive Interview with Amirul Islam- Chairman, Savor International Limited

  1. Please tell us something about yourself. How did you start your journey as a professional?

Ans: It was not very planned at all. I am basically an IT guy. We were just thinking of a venture that will not only be a profit making scheme rather more of an initiative that will help me to explore with knowledge and reach beyond domestic peripheral. Organizing Exhibition is a very innovative endeavor where the organizer can get a scope to design manifold platforms for sectors and organizations. Thus, we choose this as our profession consciously.

  1. Could you speak shortly about Savor International Ltd.?

Ans: SAVOR International Limited started it’s journey only a year back. SAVOR is an exhibition organizer that provides the industry with platforms that bring together buyers and sellers from around the world, through a portfolio of exhibitions, content led conferences & seminars. SAVOR hosts large scale exhibitions and conferences across the country every year; thereby enabling trade across multiple industry verticals. Besides organizing Exhibitions, SAVOR also works as a full-fledged ‘Trade Promotion Agency’ assisting Companies expand their Operations and Network in neighboring countries and beyond.

  1. How would you assess Bangladesh as a potential zone for organizing trade and business exhibitions?

Ans:  Bangladesh is one of the most lucrative markets in the Southeast Asia having a high economic growth rate with plenty of potentials.It’s assumed that Bangladesh has four out of five ingredients to become a potential zone.As a consequence, many foreign investors are encouraged with FDI for Bangladesh.Therefore, it’s very essential to design splendid platforms in Bangladesh for where organizations of differentsectors can showcase their products and solutions and it’s obvious that Bangladesh is a very potential zone for designs and initiate exhibitions.

  1. What is your opinion about the current expedition of trade & business exhibition? How is it creating impact upon Bangladesh’s export sector?

Ans: It is quite prominent now days but scopes are to explore more in sectors like garments, construction, leather, Automobiles,sea food, agro foods, jute products, electronic, IT, Outsourcing etc. The exhibitions being organized in Bangladesh have strong impact in Export. Buyers are observing the showcases closely and digging out potentials. Therefore, a huge scope is being created through exhibitions for the manufactures of Bangladesh. Bangladeshiproducts have an enormous demand in international market that should be showcased throughmore international exhibitionsin coming endeavors.

  1. Tell us about the importance of online marketing tools in this fast-paced business fraternity. How social media is creating impact upon business industry?

Ans:Using online marketing tools are very important in the context. It is as important as mainstream Medias nowadays. It is easily possible to reach to the right target through social medias very cost effectively. For Exhibitions, Social Medias are playing significant role to attract international participant and enrich the exhibitions to an international level.

  1. Tell us something about your family and how you manage everything in your busy schedule.

 Ans: I have one son ad one daughter. My wife always inspires me in my works. Yes, due to workload, I probably can’t give enough time in family. But in the weekends, I use to pass my whole day with them and enjoy doing so.

7. What’s the secret behind the success of Savor International Limited?

Ans: Experienced team of Professionals in team, this is the strength of our journey. We try to visualize the platform and plan to execute it accordingly. SAVOR’s events are conceptualized with an innovative mindset that’s backed by extensive research an analysis. We believe, it’s a global village now days and ideas should be wider to meet the demand of today’s world. We are very positive in learning new things and very open towards innovative thoughts. This is how we are moving ahead sincerely towards our vision.


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