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Hosted by Mostafa Jabbar, planned and directed by Raju Alim, Shilpolok is one of the most popular show of TV media based on trade, business, business and economics. The show is telecasted on Channel I regularly.Recently Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman, President of Jatiya Press Club, Abul Kashem Md. Shirin, Deputy Managing Director of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) and Mr. AKM Fakhrul Alam, Regional Manager of Malaysian Palm Oil Council joined the show to talk about the present economics, financial condition, investment and its impact on media.


Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman

President, National Press Club (Jatiya Press Club)

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina deserves the Nobel Peace Price”

Question: Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked about the digital Bangladesh in 2008 and later in 2009 she became the prime Minister of Bangladesh. After that almost seven and a half year passed and we have seen huge change in all the sectors of development in our country. It would not be an emphasization if we say that, under the guidance of Sheikh Hasina our country has gone through an immense development which might be not possible even in seventy years. With the growth of trade and business, media has also undergone a huge change and development. How do you see that?

Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman: At first I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Joy, who spearheads the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ campaign as a voluntary advisor to his mother and received an award in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. I will also congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for being conferred with the “Agent of Change” award and “Planet 50-50 Champion” honour for her outstanding contributions to women empowerment.The UN Women recognised the PM as Planet 50-50 Champion, while the Global Partnership Forum honoured her with the award at a reception at the UN headquarters.To me, I think Prime Minister deserves Noble Price for her accomplishments.Bangladesh was once labelled as a bottomless basket though but she has designed and planned the development of Bangladesh in such a way that the country is receiving appreciation worldwide. Yes, as a small country, we may have to face many financial and environmental challenges, but sheikh Hasina always given priority for the standard and progress of our country. Now Bangladesh is listed among the country with middle income. And not only in thw sector of financial development rather is the media sector also having immense change and expansion throughout every way.

Question:Overall, media has developed extensively. How the financial facts created impact upon this this extensive development?

Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman: The fact is that media helps financial expansion in 2 ways. First one is what we called development journalism and another one is that when media focuses on financial corruption. In that case media works as watchdog and helps government. Altogether, media is very important for altogether development whether in educational, financial, societal value or anything. We ar happy that, media is working independently. Though Europion Union said that media is not practicing democracy, but we the common people can see that. For the development of any country free society is needed and we can experience that media is having full independence . Now we can easily present our speech or notion through talk show and other shows very freely. Moreover the free social media is also another part of that. But a stable policy is needed and government already started working on that.

Abul Kashem Md. Shirin

Deputy Managing Director,Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Financial Inclusion is happening around the whole world and that wave is happening our country too which is speeding up the Banking service to reach in villages and remote area

Question:Trade and business is synonymous to finance, trading and banking. There was a time when the extensiveness of trade and business were based on how much banking facilities are people enjoying.

Abul Kashem Md. Shirin: Trade and business without bank is impossible. If someone wants to develop any industry then he / she have to import raw material from foreign countries. To do that LC is needed and without bank LC is not possible and in that same way, for any kind of export LC is needed too. Besides that, for loan purpose Bank is also important. In entrepreneur don’t have that big amount of money which so they have to depend on bank loan system. Following this circumstance and to keep in mind all these facts, many banks have built in our country and its increasing. Once there were only presence of public bank but now several private bank also created and people are using those with full dependence.

Question: Once bank was related to civic notion and was related only with trade and business but with the development of technology it has far away use than that. You have introduced several other features than that. Banking services have now reached to common and remote people. Are you moving towards agent banking now?

AbulKashem Md. Shirin: To take banking service to the remotest place is happen through financial inclusion. The whole world is having this change and now it is also visible in our country too. Banking service has reached to almost every nook and corner of the country.Banking has turned into a civic right we can say. It has now become a basic civic rights just like having hospital, roads, post offices in villages and remote area. Expansion of bank’s branch is highly costly and there is lacking of man power and scopes sometimes. That’s why to easier the process banking through agent are increasing.

Question: The way of banking has been changed. Once we have seen different sector based on agricultural sector, educational sector and others sectors like that. But now the process and the sectors have changed. Now most of the people want to have loans for freelance business, outsourcing, electronics end others like that. How do you see these changes?

AbulKashem Md. Shirin: Banking sector is changing rapidly with the change of people’s way of lifestyle. Banks are also adapting the needed change to cope up with the customers. I mean if the banks are not understanding the changing of e commerce sectors then they will not be able to invest in exact way.

Question: This must be a big challenge. When you invest on trade and in industrialization sector then there is security for land and other things. But in web based business those securities are not there. In that case, how do you invest?

AbulKashem Md. Shirin:With the upgrade of technology we have to understand the virtual investment process and we have already started working on that. New comers are also well expert in  IT sector. $/ 5 banks have already supporting E commerce sector. So, we have to move on.


AKM FakhrulAlam

Regional Manager, Malaysian Palm Oil Council

“The lack of land has caused the declining in oil production of our country”

Question: As a citizen of Bangladesh, you are representing Malaysian Palmoil and also working as a representative of both Bangladesh and Nepal. How much impact Nepal have upon the business market of Bangladesh?

 AKM FakhrulAlam: To demonstrate the answer I would like to give an example. In Bangladesh when there is fluctuation in the price of Jute, there is surely an impact upon country’s economy. The same thing happens with the palm oil of Malaysia. The fluctuation of price in palm oil creates impact to the root level. Palm Oil is currently the most consumed edible oil in the world and around thirty percent of the world market is under its control. In total, 50 million tons of palm oil is produced annually, supplying over 30% of the world’s vegetable oil production. This single vegetable oil is found in approximately 40-50% of household products. In the whole world, around 20 million tons oil and fat is used and among them 17th of oil and fat is approved by the world health organization and food organization among which palm oil has 30% share alone. Immidiatesayabean oil has 22 55 share and then mustard oil has 13 and sunflower has 11% share. Malaysia does not need around 20 million tons of oil among the whole amount of oil produced in there. So, to keep the market Malaysia sell that oil in world market. As Bangladesh is a country with huge population and people use a great amount of oil in their everyday life, so there is no doubt that Bangladesh is a big market for Malaysian Palm oil.

Question: What is the present condition of Bangladesh regarding oil resource sector?

AKM Fakhrul Alam: From2003 in Bangladesh, palm oil is one of the main edible oil used. Around 60 -65 % Palm oil is used of total amount of edible oil.

Question:There is change in country’s trade, business, economy and everywhere. How do you see that?

AKM Fakhrul Alam:There is numerous scope or parameter to understand the consistent development that is going on in Bangladesh. For an example let me tell you a practical matter. The consumption of oil is increasing every day and people from villages are mainly using that. While they shop grocery items, undoubtedly oil comes in the 2nd position after rice. Each year the use of oil is increasing 12 – 14 %. It gives hints towards the fact that people’s income are rising. So, thus we can easily understand that the development is going on.


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