Walton Launches Laptops For The First Time in Bangladesh


Walton launches sixth generation laptops

Pioneering Electronics Giant ‘Walton’ becomes First to launch laptop in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ has officially kicked off the marketing of its new product ‘6th Generation Intel processor based laptops’ in the domestic tech market.

The launching ceremony of Walton brand laptops was held at Westin Hotel in Dhaka on 22nd of September. Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith attended the event as the chief guest while State Minister for ICT Ministry Zunaid Ahmed Palak, President of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) Mustafa Jabbar, Director of Walton Group SM RezaulAlam, Country Business Manager of Intel Corporation Zia Manzur and Representative of Microsoft PubuduBasnayake, among others, were present as special guests. In association with the United States based two giant brands Intel and Microsoft and Bangladeshi Bijoy Bangla, Walton started the marketing of laptops in the local market.

The launching program was presided over by Walton Group’s Managing Director SM ShamsulAlam. The prime objective of manufacturing laptop is to provide the students with IT products at an affordable price to make them technically sound and crate skilled manpower, according to Walton Group Managing Director SM ShamsulAlam.He added, “We will provide it for the students at 5% less price and they will also be able to buy through a minimal installment.”

At the launching ceremony, Finance Minister AMA Muhith said, “Bangladeshi brand Walton is marketing high-tech product like computer in the domestic market. This local brand has also a plan of manufacturing and marketing all sorts of ICT products gradually. Such initiative taken by Walton has not only started a new era in the country’s high growth potential ICT sector but also moved Bangladesh one step ahead towards its ‘Digital Revolution.”. In his Greetings speech he said that “I am happy to know that Bangladeshi brand Walton is launching a High Tech product like computer. Not only laptop, Walton has produced and introduced almost all upgraded technological devices and appliances. This enterprise of Walton has upgraded the speed of country’s ICT developments more. I am glad that two world famous top two technology based organizations like Intel and Microsoft have come forward to associate the gradual development of the ICT sector of Bangladesh.

He added, The present government of Bangladesh is technology- friendly government.  We always welcome the growth of technology and ICT related development. Walton has created an industrial revolution in Bangladesh. They have already set a landmark in producing and exporting refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, home electrical and kitchen appliances. They won the customer’s satisfaction by beating the high priced foreign products with their high quality products and affordable price.”

State Minister for ICT Ministry Junaid Ahmed Palak said, the laptops, marketed by Walton with the joint collaboration of Intel and Microsoft, will meet the desire of the local users.He also said Bangladesh will earn $5 billion from the IT export and for this the government policy support is a must. He greets Walton’s new venture saying” today, it is proved that Digital Bangladesh is no more a dream, rather it’s a reality. Under the leading of Sheikh Hasina, the service of digitalized country has reached to the people just in six and a half year.Government has formulated a road map for development in ICT in 2016.The major success in ICT industry is to initiate the infrastructural work of the two hitech parks, one in Kaliakair, Gazipur and the other in Jessore. Jessore Hitech Park has already started ICT training activities as the 90 percent work of the establishment is already completed. “On a 232 acre land, the infrastructural work of Kaliakair Hitech Park has been initiated. For internal communication, a 4921 meter long road has already been made. Government is also moving forward with a plan to establish silicon cities in every divisional headquarters.

A software technology park has been opened at the Janata Tower in Dhaka which aims to connect the ICT-based startup organizations. Sixteen companies are already conducting their services in this 12-storied establishment. Thirty four more organizations will join them.Government has formulated a roadmap for development in ICT in 2016. The activities are clustered in six categories: industry, infrastructure, e-governance, human resources development, laboratories and services. The roadmap for the industry has set targets to generate 1,000 innovation, raising software export earnings to $5 billion by 2021, developing an eco-system for the gaming industry etc. Moreover innovation and entrepreneurship academies will be set up.

For strengthening ICT infrastructure, government has set target to take fiber optic to all unions between 2016 to 2018. More than 550 Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) centers will be set up from division to upazila levels. Government has taken steps to digitize the judiciary by 2018. The government has identified 100 aspects of the judiciary where ICT can be harnessed and assist in the resolution of 3 million cases currently in backlog.”

President of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) Mustafa Jabbar in his greetings said, “I welcome Bangladeshi Laptop brand Walton for their achievements. Doel Laptop production had started under the guidance of Bangladesh Government with a view to Digital Bangladesh though it somehow got cancelled. Both in governmental and nongovernmental sector, still now any Bangladeshi brand couldn’t produce own branded laptop. Even ous Prime Minister has a dream to make own computers and laptops and export them in foreign countries.We are very happy to see that, Bangladeshi brand Walton become successful to step ahead in that sector.”

PubuduBasnayake, OEM – Director, Southeast Asia New Markets, Microsoft said in his greetings speech that “In collaboration with local partners spreader all over the world, who produced and marketed avariety of device, the worldwide market of Microsoft is spreading more. We are hopeful that, this joint venture will have a positive impact upon the ICT sector of Bangladesh.”

Country Business Manager of Intel Corporation Zia Manzur in his greetings speech said that “ There is extensive possibilities and hope in the development of country’s ICt sector. Intel believes solely that, in this rapid development, local industries have major influences. I applaud Walton brand for their accomplishment in the developments of tech industries of Bangladesh.”

Director of Walton Group SM RezaulAlam said, “Today is a historical day and this is a memorable moment for Walton group. … Walton’s dream is to make everyday development in everywhere. To make that vision comes true, we are introducing new products constantly.”

Now, the domestic users can buy highest standard Bangladeshi brand’s laptops at affordable rates, he added and hoped that Walton would be able to bring Bangladesh in a strong position in the global ICT market through manufacturing all sorts of ICT products.

Walton, the latest multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the largest well equipped R & D facilities in the world carried out its production through different subsidiaries under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Walton had entered into electronics business in 1994 with manufacturing of electrical and electronic items and gradually expanded its operation in many other electronics field that provide the foundation for nearly every aspect of modern life. The key secret behind the success of Walton lays its variation of production capacity and customized orientation of new product as per the demand of customer.

Walton has earned domestic and global recognition for its experience and proven track record in a variety of electronics fields.  Walton is the pioneer of developing state of the art designs and modern technology having leading market share specializing in Multi-Stored Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, LED/ LCD televisions, Motorcycles, Smart Phones and Home Appliances. Crossing local boundaries, Walton brands are recognized globally exporting more than 17 countries and by 2020 the presence of Walton will be ensured almost every country in the world. Like fridges, air conditioners, televisions and mobile phone, Walton would be able to secure the apex position in the local laptop market, the Walton officials hoped.

They said, Walton has a plan of manufacturing various sorts of ICT products like Laptop, Computer, Monitor, Mobile phone set, Tab and so on. Thus, today Walton is releasing Laptops as its first ICT products. The local laptops’ users can buy the most stylish, multifunctional and high speed laptops of Walton brand about 10 to 30 percent lower rates than the prices of foreign brands’ laptops.

Under the joint collaboration with Microsoft, Walton will also supply genuine windows and other Microsoft Office applications at an affordable price for the local customers. The officials also informed that Walton is initially launching 20 models of laptop under four series like WaxJambu, Karonda, Tamarind and Passion, which prices are ranging from Tk 29,500 to Tk 95,500.


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