Chaitra Shankranti Last Day of spring


Spring is one of the sweetest seasons of Bangladesh. There is no rough weather or too cold at night. It’s very charming. I’m personally fan of spring but I also abide the course of the season. Therefore I become ready to accept every season with their good and bad appeal. Summer begins formally with the Sankranti and therefore we become ready to face the challenges of this unbearable hit of the season. At the same time we wait for the juicy fruits of this season as summer brings about the songs of all things that are new. No juicy fruit can ripe without the hit of the summer sun. So Chaitra Sankranti is not only the beginning of tremendous hit but also the fresh beginning of all things.

Festivals have always been considered as one of the important part of Bengali culture and tradition. There might be many legendary tales which make these festivals meaningful. Likewise Chaitra sankranti is one of the most important festivals celebrated in this subcontinent by different ways. This is a festival of great devotion, enthusiasm, pleasure and respect. It is also joyous and auspicious occasion that provides strength to mind, body and soul.

The Day of Pure Worshipping

It is important to devote yourself in the worship of god on this day. Devotees should perform religious ceremonies and meditate to achieve wisdom, peace and beautiful mind. Worshipping god on this day is considered to be very sacred. The pure environment and Deity worship reinforces the body as a result of meditation, yoga, homas etc. As per the Hindu culture, Chaitra Shankranti is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. It combines the significance of mythologies related to ancient scriptures and auspicious occasions.

The day is not just auspicious and sacred for religious activities but is considered to be practically perfect. The devotees should adopt the sense of creation in mind, body and soul and leave the tendency of destruction. A person who adopts an honest and simple life is blessed with happiness, peace and contentment.

Significance of Chaitra Shankranti

In this month the motion of Sun heads towards summers. During summers, the Sun rises in the North and the duration of day increases. The auspicious mornings commences with early morning baths and Sun worship. It is believed that following these rituals purifies the soul and helps attain salvation. On the other hand, the one who does it is blessed with sacred benefits.

On the day of Chaitra Shankranti, the devotees must chant Gayantri Mantra with full devotion and faith since it is dedicated to Sun. Chanting Gayatri Mantra blesses the person with intelligence and wisdom. People perform religious ceremonies and do charity as per their potency. Elder people in the house donate food, clothes, money etc on this day. Special food and sweets are prepared at homes to celebrate this occasion.

Celebration of the Occasion

These days however, the celebration is not limited to the religious cause. Chaitra Shankranti now, is passed in a flurry of activities. The most colorful activities are there at Charukola of Dhaka University. Under the watchful eyes of their teachers, the students make replicas of pots, dolls, birds, animals and musical instruments at the department premises to add more color to the traditional procession scheduled to be brought out from the campus in the morning, marking the celebrations. A visit to Charukola on Shankranti is a must for every soul that adores color. The Chaitra Shankranti celebrations will continue till the midnight. In the program, different Tagore songs highlighting the festival and the coming season will be presented.

There is much enthusiasm with Chaitra Shankranti out of the city life. In Hinduism people performs a special month long procedure for bidding the month of Chaitra with special rituals on the last day. They brought the characters from their mythology and performed sacred songs with a group of people wondering village to village and it continues until the next morning. Every house wives cook a special kind of vegetables dish that is known as ‘Pachon’ which is really tasty. It is cooked by some unconventional vegetables and the procedure of cooking is also different. This is totally a matter of great enthusiasm and is more meaningful for human kind.  Therefore Chaitra Shankranti may be the last day of a year but the way of fresh beginning.



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