“HELLO TOMORROW” Concert arranged by CMBA


CMBA organized a concert “Hello Tomorrow” where many band groups like Ran Way, Jolrong, Shunyosthan, Teerondaz and Soldiers performed their songs. All arrangements were being completed almost. Monitor, PA system and sound check up were finally done. Listeners were waiting curiously. The concert started at 4 pm. People started to gather, take selfies, dance and enjoy the music after having their favorite bands among them.

Slogans of CMBA-

  • Work for society and environment
  • Stop loud sound system at midnight
  • Stop music pollution
  • Listen music for sound mind and
  • NO for drugs.

Chairman Mr. Mohammad Ali and the General Secretary Mr. Iqbal Hossain gave the opening announcement of the concert at 5:45 pm after thanking the valedictory Chairman Mr. Subrata Barua for overall supervision. Then the audience got excited for hearing some beautiful music.

Ran Way came on the stage among the audience giving then lots of applause. At first they sang, “Abarvaloi” and audience joined them. Ran way has clear words and bass voice but no novelty in melody. They need lots of practice and sound knowledge.

Next, Jolrong came to perform with vocal Noim, guitarist Manik, bass-guitarist Pial, pianist Joy and drummer Saddam. They have some of their own songs but they sang other people’s song. The vocal was good but their so called “Melody Rock” didn’t work out further and melody went lost under instruments. They must go through with the name Jolrong.

Meanwhile CMBA sought for blessings from everyone for Lucky Akhand who is suffering from grade-IV lung cancer.

Shunnosthan came along with their group and gave a smooth and customary performance.

Audiences started making demands for their favorite songs before the arrival of Bay of Bengal on the stage. Vocal Bakhtiyar created an amazing trait by playing flute during singing. Vocal, guitarist and flutist Bakhtiyar built the band together with guitarist Tanim, pianist Damy, bass-guitarist Abid and drummer Sami. “Jotsnasnan”, “Je shohore ami nei” and “Bidroho” are some mentionable tracks performed by them.

Teerodaz came on the stage with vocal Shahed, lead guitarist Sadat Shahed, pianist Tutul, bass guitarist Rafi and drummer Wasim. Audiences started making song requests to them. The audiences became very excited seeing Vocal Shahed waving his hands towards them. During singing “Tomar jonno ante pari”, listeners joined Shahed in singing. Thus Bay of Bengal and Teerandaz held up the listeners surrounding them though the reputation of the band. Through the following songs “Paglate ek gaan”, “Bondhu” and “Mitthar itihash” they just won their young listeners’ heart. Then “Stone Band”, “Manobik” and lastly “Soldiers” delivered their performance one by one. The female vocal Pinky of Soldiers created an intoxicated aura through her glamorous singing with a mesmerizing tune of guitar. This band is formed with Vocal and guitarist Selim, bass guitarist and vocal Sohel, lead guitarist and vocal Pinky, pianist Belal and Handsonic Rasel in 1995 and ended the concert singing “Ma tomay porche mone” and “Ami shara raat”. CMBA actually set the concert based on hard soft and melody rock music. This way they are creating differentnew listeners and providing platforms to fresh singers. It’s not that easy to do something better for the country and people whereas CMBA has done this; a big round of applause for CMBA. People want to see further bigger program in future from Chairman Mr. Mohammad Ali.


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